How to Disassemble a NordicTrack Treadmill – Ultimate Guide

Of course to do so in the literal sense of the word no one will urge you, however, if you are thinking about buying a home NordicTrack treadmill, it makes sense to study this type of sports equipment well, design, how to disassemble a nordictrack treadmill, so that later your purchase did not fail and did not stop working quite suddenly in your opinion.

An electric NordicTrack treadmill (and there are most such models in modern trading networks), given that its design includes an electric motor, cannot be a priori simple equipment. And, as you know, the more complex the design, the more vulnerable it is to various failures, because it has a great many parts and each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Having considered the individual elements of NordicTrack treadmill design, we will try to analyze and understand what aspects of this very design we need to pay attention to when standing in front of treadmills in a sports store?

Types of Treadmills

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In order to ensure good training results, you need to make the right choice of exerciser. Let’s look at the types below.


In this type, the canvas moves from the efforts of a person running on it. Running on such a track is the same as in an open area.

Mechanical has the following advantages: no dependence on the mains, safety, lightness, the ability to create the necessary tempo by own efforts, low price.

It also has disadvantages: it has few special sensors that show the level of load and other things, there are contraindications for people with leg problems. Repair of the treadmill of the mechanical type does not require a large expenditure and frequent call of the master. Many problems can be eliminated on their own.


A variety of mechanical treadmill. Its peculiarity is the unique braking system, which is regulated by the location of the magnets. The main advantages of this track are smooth running and braking, noiselessness.

It has a small size and low cost. The only disadvantage may be the lack of possibility to program training. The simplicity of design allows you to repair the treadmill without recourse to specialists.


The canvas moves due to the electric motor. The runner can set any speed based on his abilities. The speed is limited only by the power of the motor.

This track has all sorts of indicators (calories burned, heart rate, training time, distance), you can set their training programs. Machines are divided into classes from amateur to professional.

Such a model can also have malfunctions. Repair of treadmill of this type is more complicated.

Disassemble NordicTrack Treadmill: The Electric Motor of the Treadmill

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This is probably the most difficult for non-professionals to understand the design of this simulator, but also the most important, because if the electric motor during operation will fail, your NordicTrack treadmill will simply turn into a mountain of scrap metal. Looking at the performance of the engine, pay attention first of all to three main indicators: operating power, maximum power and the presence of a cooling motor system.

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The quality of the latter, for example, will directly affect the life of the track. And the more powerful the motor is equipped with a particular model, the more perfect the cooling system should be.

As for the speeds, it is very important to understand the fundamental difference between the maximum and working power. Maximum power – is the power that a running trainer can reach at one time, and the working power – is the average power, which it can steadily hold for a certain long period of time. The working power of a quality treadmill model should not be less than one and a half to two horsepower.

Disassemble NordicTrack Treadmill: Platform and Treadmill

The platform of the NordicTrack treadmill is also called the deck. This is the plate on which the NordicTrack treadmill moves. And, since it carries the main load, the strength of the platform is extremely important. The minimum acceptable thickness of the platform is two centimeters, but it is even better if your treadmill has a double-sided plate. In case one side is worn out, you can always use the second, and this will increase the service life of the sports equipment, at least twice on this indicator.

As for the running blade, its length is of fundamental importance here. A narrow and short canvas increases the likelihood that if you do not have time to run on the moving track and accidentally fall off the track, you simply fall and get bruises and injuries, sometimes serious. So it’s better to choose a canvas with an average length of one hundred forty-four centimeters and a width of fifty-one centimeters. These figures we give for a reason. These are the average values of most tracks that are available for sale.

The Console of the NordicTrack Treadmills

On the level of equipment of this part of the “machine” depends largely on the price of the model, so be careful. Ask the salesperson to show you how the control panel works, what indicators are displayed, what training programs are stored in the treadmill memory, and how they can be adjusted.

Of course, you should not expect that you immediately and easily understand everything in the store. In addition, the instruction manual that comes with the treadmill, everything should be described in detail. Still, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the sales assistant. After all, it is his direct responsibility.

Sometimes manufacturing companies go for a certain trick to make their treadmill model more attractive than it really is. To do this, they make a colorful and quite large-sized screen, and the naive buyer really thinks that if the track looks solid, then it is. However, behind a nice facade may hide quite scarce information, such as only the time, speed and heart rate. This version will definitely not suit you, if you hoped for a modern and technically equipped treadmill.

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How to Remove the Console from the NordicTrack Treadmill

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  1. First, you should turn off your NordicTrack treadmill by unplugging it.
  2. Now let’s take a look at the console wire. Look at its left side, there you will see a two-section cable. You should just split it into two sections, that’s how you will disconnect it.
  3. Next, you should position the wire on the field. It’s quite thin and you’ll find it on the back of the console right in the center. Carefully remove the treadmill from the ground cable.
  4. Next, get rid of the clips at the top of the console, for this we will need a screwdriver. With it you should unscrew with a head screwdriver the four screws that hold the clips.
  5. Now look at the shields that connect the console to the NordicTrack treadmill itself. There should be exactly six of them. You need to use the same screwdriver to remove all six screws from the socket and console from the treadmill.

Now you can remove the console from the treadmill.

Tools You Will Need

  • Allen wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Voltage gauge
  • Compressed air
  • Clean rags

How to Disassemble a NordicTrack Treadmill

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  1. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet. If the treadmill is folded, raise the console to its full upright position. Use the special wrench to loosen the moving belt tension by turning the adjustment screws on the back of the treadmill counterclockwise. Remove the left side cover at the base of the unit. This will expose the NordicTrack treadmill belt on one side of the exerciser.
  2. Remove the running belt from the front and rear rollers for inspection. Cracks or dark spots on the inside of the belt indicate that the belt needs to be replaced. Wear on one or both edges of the belt usually indicates that the belt is out of alignment. Use a hex wrench to remove the bolts holding the work deck in place.
  3. Locate the mounting screws or bolts that hold the motor cover in place and remove them with a Phillips head screwdriver or hex wrench.
  4. Lift up the motor cover and remove the treadmill. Trace the wires (usually black and white) on the motor track to the connection pins on the circuit board next to the NordicTrack treadmill frame.
  5. Pull the connectors from the rack and use a voltage meter to check the continuity of the motor wiring circuit. If the meter does not show a reading, have a qualified technician diagnose the electrical circuits. If the meter shows a reading, you can reattach the motor cover.
  6. Clean the boards, motor and near-motor areas (ideally with compressed air). Turn the working deck and assess its condition. Sometimes it needs to be replaced. If it is in proper condition, then wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris.
  7. Install the existing or new NordicTrack treadmill belt on the front and rear rollers. Attach the tread way side plate and end cover. Tighten the belt adjustment bolts to medium tension. Read the manual for the belt tension adjustment and belt tension alignment. Do not use the trainer until the belt tension and alignment are correct.
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A simple disassemble NordicTrack treadmill may reveal problems with wiring to the electric motor, a worn webbing or deck.

Useful Tips: How To Disassemble A Treadmill Before You Move It

In this video you will learn how to disassemble a treadmill before you move it to another room or home. You will know more details and see the process itself.

NordicTrack Treadmill for Moving

Nowadays, many people monitor their health, regularly attend gyms, as well as purchase fitness equipment for home use.

Of course, there is often a need to transport fitness equipment.

How best to organize it, how to pack NordicTrack treadmill for moving, to disassemble them or not, what car to choose – all these questions arise before the owners of simulators, who decided to transport them from one place to another.

It is clear that for any move must take apart a NordicTrack treadmill for moving in advance and transportation of simulators is no exception.

nordictrack treadmill

Large-sized fitness equipment should be disassembled, if disassemble NordicTrack treadmill you decide to make yourself, then do not forget to use the instructions to them. This will help you avoid unpleasant misunderstandings and damage to the simulator.

Exercisers for home use, as a rule, are not large and their transportation NordicTrack treadmill for moving can be carried out without disassembly.

The organization of the moving of fitness equipment must also include the packing of fitness equipment. Strength-training machines can be simply packed in stretch film, which will protect their surface from contamination and scratching, they are wrapped in it all the pieces of equipment separately.

Cardio machines (treadmills, bicycles, steppers, ellipsoids, etc.) have sensitive electrical equipment in their set, so they need more careful and reliable packaging. It is advisable to use air bubble film for their packaging, which will not only protect them from dust and dirt, but also help to avoid more serious damage during transportation.

Packed trainers are demolished using transportation straps, if the house has an elevator, which takes the size of the simulator, the task is facilitated many times over.

Organization of moving with NordicTrack treadmills includes the correct selection of the vehicle.

Transport is selected taking into account the size and weight of the transported NordicTrack treadmills, and you may need to transport not one but several simulators at once.

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