How to Move a Treadmill Upstairs – Detailed Manual

Buying a treadmill is a pretty important decision. But an even more important thing is understand how to move a treadmill upstairs or from one place to another. If you don’t follow a number of certain rules, it’s very easy to get hurt quite badly, even by someone who already has a lot of experience in fitness.

Our article is designed to teach you how to properly move your treadmill from one place to another and contains a small amount of very useful tips so that this process does not become an excessive headache for you. There are even times when you won’t need anyone’s help. Regardless, it’s best to call friends or movers when you’re moving something that’s excessively bulky and weighs more than fifty pounds.

For starters, you will need a detailed plan for moving the treadmill. Don’t do this act spontaneously without properly researching the equipment and finding out what is the most convenient way to move it in space. To succeed in this difficult endeavor, follow a few simple tips that will help you ease your burden.

The Manual for How to Move a Treadmill Upstairs

If for some reason you don’t have your owner’s manual, which is either lost or lying where you can’t remember, we encourage you to take a look at the back of your treadmill. It will tell you the make and model of your device, and then you can look for the right manual on the Internet.feet on the treadmill

Below we have a list of questions that you will need to find detailed answers to before you start moving your treadmill from place to place:

  • Can this treadmill be folded?
  • Is the treadmill equipped with wheels for moving?
  • The total weight of all the equipment. If the unit is very bulky and exceeds a hundred pounds, you’re better off buying or renting a special furniture cart.

Also look in the manual for a way to disassemble the treadmill to reassemble it in its new location.

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Unplugging the Treadmill

This point is always on the surface, but many people don’t pay enough attention to it because they are in a big hurry to get things done. Don’t dare move the treadmill that is plugged in at this time. Pull the plug out of the socket, neatly fold the cord and wrap it with special tape, so it does not drag behind the device and do not get tangled under your feet.

Also don’t forget to remove the security key and put it in a special small bag. This package should be glued to the side of the treadmill, so as not to inadvertently lose an important part when moving.

Moving a Treadmill from One Room to Another

If the treadmill is equipped with wheels, you will be able to move it with them as long as you are on a flat surface, make sure you don’t even need a furniture cart or the ability to fold it. Let’s take a closer look:

  • One person stands on each side of the treadmill.
  • One of you takes hold of the bars, and the other person finds the belt and grips the bottom of it
  • The person holding the strap gently tilts the treadmill back until it is flat on its wheels.
  • Now also carefully roll the treadmill out of the room, unless, of course, there are stairs in the way.
  • The person moving backward at this time should not run into any obstacle, so clear the path of anything unnecessary beforehand.

If you want to know how to move the treadmill up and down stairs or through those openings that you can’t get through so easily, we’ll tell you about it further in our article.

Folding the Treadmill or Taking It Apart

A large number of treadmills are equipped with the ability to fold. The upper part simply rests on the lower part with a fairly simple movement. There is also a special locking mechanism that prevents the device from unfolding on its own. There are also models of treadmills that do not fold, but are easy enough to disassemble.

Also look for the manual on the Internet and make sure in detail how to disassemble the device or fold it correctly.

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man on treadmill

Turn off the power and unplug the power cord if possible. If not, simply raise the cord up by securing it to the treadmill console. Check that the treadmill is locked in the folded position. The treadmill can be safely moved around your home in the folded position using the transport rollers.

Grasp the handles firmly with both hands, tilt the treadmill toward you 30-40 degrees, and roll it leisurely around the room. Unfortunately, the treadmill is heavy and can leave marks on soft flooring. Take this into account when moving the treadmill.

Eliminate Doors and Interfering Structures

There is a category of treadmills that are too bulky to pull through some doorways. When you have handled folding the treadmill, take out a ruler and carefully measure all the doorways to make sure if the treadmill will fit through them. If the dimensions don’t match, you can simply remove the doorway so there’s enough room to move it to another room.

Use a Furniture Dolly

There are times when you can’t do without a furniture dolly, and there are situations where you don’t need one at all. If your treadmill is equipped with wheels and you use them to move the unit, then there is no need for a cart. However, if your treadmill is too big, then a furniture cart is just necessary for moving around. Also, without it, you are unlikely to be able to move the cart from one floor to another.

The main rule in this case: properly move a treadmill so that it does not move out or fall down. And also fix it carefully after placing it on the furniture cart.

Move a Treadmill Upstairs

When moving a treadmill upstairs, it is important to keep in mind that the stronger person should always go first step at a time. He will be able to bear all the weight that will fall on him when going down. The person standing on top should hold the trainer firmly enough in their hands. If your hands sweat a lot, we recommend the use of special gloves that help you hold any device comfortably without on treadmill

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Move carefully on the stairs, do not hurry anywhere, step at a time, if it becomes difficult, tell the one who is carrying the device with you. It is desirable to keep a third person, who in case of what can replace a tired person. Make sure, the main thing to observe all measures of caution, so then do not suffer from injuries.

Useful Tips: How to Move a Treadmill Upstairs

In this video you will see how to moving a treadmill upstairs with 2 professional movers with a corner turn.


Hiring a Moving Company

Sometimes move a treadmill on your own is a huge challenge. Often it is simply impossible. This type of equipment is better left to the experts in their field, who work in this field and help people move heavy objects every day. There are many useful things about using just a moving company, and here they are:

  • Almost all moving companies in the country give you a guarantee in case they hit the treadmill while carrying it or break something in your home.
  • They always come with all the tools you need to move, so you don’t have to spend money on a furniture cart and other miscellaneous things to move.
  • They always prepare thoroughly for moving the unit, so they know the ins and outs of moving bulky items up and down the stairs thoroughly.


We think this article has greatly helped you learn about all the most reliable options for moving a treadmill from room to room, as well as from floor to floor. Properly calculate all the options available to you and don’t put an overwhelming burden on yourself.

Remember, you should take on the job yourself, only if you are sure that you can easily withstand the load and correctly calculate your way, removing all obstacles. And you should also understand that you should not save money on trained people. It is better to overpay a little than to suffer from back or leg injuries for a long time.

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