A helpful guide on how to lose weight while sitting

Weight loss has become the dream and desire of many people in modern times. This may be due to the variety of meals, fast food, which contains more calories. However, not only eating but also drinking coffee with milk and sugar, for example, is a huge resource of calories.

However, this can be attributed to the fact that people are increasingly switching to a sedentary lifestyle. Due to this fact, energy expenditure becomes impossible and the metabolic rate can be decreasing.

People prefer remote online work or a profession associated with an office schedule, where there is no opportunity to lose calories and play sports. This article will help you solve the problem of being overweight, even if you don’t have time for the gym and you are constantly sitting in one place.

How can I lose belly fat while sitting?

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The problem of belly fat arises from the fact that during work you can quickly become saturated with high-calorie snacks and the body, which does not have time to burn the accumulated energy, stores it in fat on your sides and stomach.

To cope with this problem, exercises that can be performed even with the help of only a chair will be useful for you, but they will be aimed specifically at burning belly fat cells. Below you will see sitting exercises, that will help lose belly and lower body fat. Therefore, these desk exercises can be performed not only with a chair but with an exercise ball as well.

Leg raises

Leg Raises 1

To perform this exercise, you need to sit on a chair and raise your legs, fully straightening them, just relax your shoulders and monitor your posture, while using the abdominal muscles.

Also, if this exercise seems too easy for you or you are desiring to burn calories faster, you can add weights to your legs, in the form of a bottle of water for example.

This exercise will not only help you burn fat in the abdomen and abs, but will also help you deal with swelling in your legs or even fat in your thighs.

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Chair crunch

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You can do this exercise right after the first one. You need to sit in a chair with a straight back, now not just lift your legs off the floor, but stretch them forward, after bending your knees, doing a reverse crunch.

In this exercise, the stomach muscles will be fully involved, and you will immediately feel a contraction, as such sports movements have a good effect on the back muscles.

This exercise is focused on burning belly and back fat, it is also simply engaging the shoulders and legs, it can be said that it is well suited for a full human body workout.

Double knee lift

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This exercise from the entire list can be called the simplest and at the same time no less effective. You just need to sit up straight and raise your right knee and left knee along with your legs.

Hold the position for a couple of seconds, and then you can immediately slowly relax your knees and lower them down.

If the exercise seems too easy for you, try to keep the position with a straight posture and raised knees for as long as possible until you feel a burning sensation in the abs.

This exercise works the abdominal muscles, however, like the first exercise, it will help keep your hips in good shape and give definition to your legs as well.

You can do these exercises in your free time or during break, and it is best to do this short workout using all the exercises without interruption. It will be enough for you to perform 20 times and 3 sets to see a good result in a month.

How can I burn 100 calories while sitting?

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Furthermore, due to a sedentary lifestyle, you may have problems not only with the abdominal area but possibly with just extra pounds and problems due to insufficient wasting of calories, while sitting still.

Below you can find just three sitting exercises that are aimed specifically at weight loss, and fat oxidation and which are also suitable for those who want to do workouts, concentrating on the whole body. These exercises, besides the first one, can also be practiced with an exercise ball or stability ball.

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Reverse plank


The plank is generally considered a good exercise for those who want to burn calories, but do not like or cannot do cardio due to health and cardiovascular problems. The plank engages every muscle in your body.

To perform a reverse plank, rest your hands on the table or floor while leaving the pelvis raised. Hold the plank for 30 seconds or a minute if you feel you can.

Body lift

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This exercise is one of the most difficult and is concentrated on the upper body. You need to grab the arms of a chair with your hands, or rest against an exercise ball, and lift your entire lower body, leaving your legs and pelvis in the air.

This exercise can somewhat resemble pull-ups, especially in terms of complexity and effectiveness, to lose weight and burn calories. But be careful when performing and try not to damage the ligaments, if you feel that this is too hard, do other exercises.

Good posture and stretching


This is one of the simplest exercises, which consists of two parts and is focused on the upper body. The first is to straighten your back, relax your shoulders and sit in this position for a few seconds, then completely relax and repeat.

Next, stretch your arms, stretch your fingers to the ceiling, then move your right hand to the side and press your elbow with your other hand, repeat the same with the left hand.


Putting your hands on the back of your head, make a couple of tilts, using the muscles of the waist, to the sides. This stretch will help keep the muscles in good shape and remove excess water. Do all sitting exercises, besides plank, with 20 repeats and 3 sets as well.

How to lose weight while sitting still?

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For some people, exercise can be an impossible way to burn calories, it could be due to lack of time or possibly serious health issues. For such cases, of course, the best solution is a calorie-conscious diet, since a calorie deficit will create a need for the body to use excess fat as an energy resource.

However, if you don’t want to only achieve caloric deficit, or you are not eating more calories than normal for your mass, you can also use the methods below, which will speed up the process of weight loss.

Drink green tea

Secret benefits of drinking green tea

Drinking split tea reduces appetite, and there are almost no calories in the drink itself. At the same time, tea substances accelerate the metabolic rate and caffeine in green tea gives an energy boost.

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Drinking water will also perform fat oxidation, help with a slower metabolism, and reduce appetite. However, it is better to drink water on an empty stomach, otherwise, along with food, it can stretch the belly.

Communicate with people.

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Genuine laughter, surprise, and empathy are strong emotions that, due to the great moral effort invested, help burn fat and more calories. Furthermore, communication with people, even genuine laughter, will motivate you to lose weight through support.

Don’t slouch

standing posture

Good posture will also help you with weight loss. First, you are exercising and keeping your figure in good shape. Secondly, with a straight posture, you will look slimmer.


To sum up, It must be said that the best way to lose weight with a sedentary lifestyle is a caloric diet, since the more calories you eat, the more stories of fat will be made. If you achieve caloric deficit, you can feel the results quickly, even without using the gym.

However, sitting exercises will help you, even if you will just refuse mindless snacking in your ration. Perform desk exercises and your calories while sitting will be burnt, as well as the metabolic rate will increase, which will not only burn weight but also is good for your heart rate.

Energy expenditure can also be achieved with the tips in this article, such as water. For weight loss, you can not only just go on a diet and exercise, but also, sitting in a chair, just change your lifestyle around what you drink and what your posture is, which will help a lot.

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