How to Lose Weight In Your Feet – Detailed Manual

How to lose weight in your feet? This question is often asked by women, especially after feasts and long-term consumption of confectionery. The task of getting rid of excess weight is solvable if certain actions are taken.


Types of Fat Deposits

Almost everyone has fat. It is distributed evenly all over the body or it accumulates in certain areas due to hormonal background and genes.

The types of fat found in the legs are:

  • Subcutaneous fatty tissue is located most often on the thighs under the skin;
  • intramuscular fat layer is concentrated inside the muscle mass;
  • the intermuscular layer is located between small muscle fibers.

Most of the deposits are subcutaneous, and fighting them achieves effective leg weight loss.

Ways to Solve the Problem

Using a comprehensive approach to solving the medical problem of weight loss in the thighs, the desired result can be noticed already after a week. The main tools for weight loss are nutrition and sports.

The Right Diet

How to weight loss quickly in the legs by changing your eating habits? It is necessary to concentrate on the fight against overweight and removal of the fat layer in the area of the buttocks, thighs and lower extremities. Nutritionists recommend in this case to prefer a protein diet. This option will saturate the body, help build muscle and compensate pain for the protein consumption during training.

Protein intake is increased to 35-40%. But you should not eat food that contains a minimum of carbohydrates. This can disrupt the metabolism and create a deficit of nutrients for the nervous system and the brain.

Make an individual medical balanced menu that meets the peculiarities of the body and the state of health. The following foods are excluded from the weight loss:

  • sugary sodas;
  • confectionery and sweets;
  • fats of animal origin;
  • fast food;
  • convenience foods;
  • overly salty foods.

Nutritionists medical advice diversifying the menu with such not much calories food:

  • fruit and vegetable assortment;
  • whole-grain products (oatmeal, dark rice);
  • legumes;
  • nuts;
  • cottage cheese;
  • eggs;
  • chicken meat;
  • vegetable oils (nuts or olive oil).

The above affects the hormone ghrelin and gives a feeling of satiety. This allows you to avoid calories and unhealthy snacking.

Exercise at Home

Will my legs lose weight with regular free training? The right training will help to reduce the volume in the buttocks, thighs, weight loss and calves. It is useful to take walks. This simple activity helps to keep legs and thigh area toned.

Exercise at Home

An effective method that stimulates the musculature of the upper extremities is swimming. During the above-mentioned aerobic activities, energy is supplied from oxygen, glucose is oxidized and excess weight is visibly lost, in addition, the mood improves.

For weight loss, a daily walk and workout that includes the following feet training is useful:

  • Performing them, it is important to squat not completely, but as if to sit on a chair. The norm is from 50 to 75 p. per day without pain.
  • Leg swings. Prefer a variant of horizontal movements in a lying position. Do 30 p. each leg.
  • Jumping rope. For the effect jumping 3-5 minutes daily.
  • Jogging several times a week.
  • Riding a bicycle.
  • Lunges in different variations (sideways, cross, with a jump or burden).
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Gym Training

The most effective feet weight loss is noticed after exercising in the gym under the guidance of a trainer. Prefer these options:

  • Bench Press. There are several free varieties of exercisers, with different angles at which the weight moves. They all carry almost the same load. Performing the task, the back is pressed firmly against the backrest. Different muscle areas are pumped, which is due to the position of the feet on the platform without pain.
  • Abduction of the lower extremities in the crossover. The groin area, thigh surface and large gluteal muscles are worked out.
  • Squat in the Smith squat. The ankle and quadriceps are under a great strain.
  • Legs extension and extension as well as extension in a special training device.
  • Toe raises to warm up the muscles of the lower ankle. They are performed in a standing or sitting position without pain.

Additional Ways

  • Dehydration of tissues forms a noticeable orange peel. In this case, correct the drinking healthy medical regime. Medical experts recommend drinking at least 1.5 liters of non-carbonated water daily, preferably in small doses, 20-30 ml several times in 1 hour.
  • If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles of the legs weaken, lose their beauty and shape. In order not to gain excess weight in the legs, you need to get up more often, change your posture or do short training – squats, lunges, ankle or swings. If possible, use a table with an adjustable height.
  • To create the appearance of slim legs will help retractable clothes and corrective shoes. Shoes will temporarily tighten the thighs area and create an antivaricose sign effect without pain.

Useful Information: Weight Loss and Feet

  • In this video you will learn how you can prevent obesity related foot and ankle problems even while you increase your exercise. If you are starting a weight loss problem, or have already started one and developed a foot injury, be sure to watch this video before your next exercise session.

Useful Tips How to Lose Weight in Your Feet

To give slim feet, it is recommended to adhere to the free following health principles:

  • do not refuse to eat breakfast;
  • eat spicy foods, they activate blood circulation and remove excess fluid;
  • do not eat three hours before going to bed;
  • eat often, but in small portions;
  • take a contrast shower, especially in the lower extremities;
  • practice extra wraps;
  • after prolonged sitting at the computer, do stretches (every 30 minutes).
  • extra foot massage;
  • avoiding stress, which slows down the burning of fat;

It is worth bearing in mind that it is almost impossible to lose feet weight locally. It is recommended to combine all the suggested options and the effect will not be long in coming. When the first results appear, do not stop, but continue to follow the diet and exercise. Beautiful slender legs – the result of painstaking and persistent action.


Choosing the Right Exercise

The choice depends on age, feet weight, gender and general condition. Some people are contraindicated to running (e.g. with diseases of the musculoskeletal system), others cannot tolerate aerobic or anaerobic loads. If you have contraindications to sports, you should always take this into account, otherwise training will do more harm than good.

In order to lose weight quickly and effectively, it is recommended to exercise under the supervision of an experienced consultant, who will select the optimal load. If there is no time or opportunity to go to the gym, do not get upset, because you can train feet even at home, without the use of special machines and equipment.

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Exercises for Slimming Feet

To get rid of excess volume in the feet area, use the following training:

  • Feet at shoulder width. Inhale, rise to your fingers and hold that position for 5-10 seconds. Lower yourself as you exhale.
  • Hands at your waist, feet shoulder width apart. Begin your normal squat by extending your arms forward. Press your feet to the floor and make sure they don’t come off during the exercise without pain.
  • Get on your knees, rest your hands on the floor (it is recommended to do it on a special mat). Do backward leg movements, 10-15 times each.
  • Lie on your back, put your hands under your head, lift your pelvis and do the exercise “bicycle”. One approach is at least 1.5 minutes.

In total such a workout should take about half an hour. Looking for a way to lose weight at home? This is it!

Running and Athletic Walking

Another way to get rid of excess volume in the thighs, ankle and calves.

This is interesting: in a study by the Lawrence National Laboratory in Berkeley, 2012. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study from 2012 states that running is 9.5 times more effective than other training at reducing feet weight.

  • Jogging is good for ankle and health: it helps strengthen, increase endurance. Choose the optimal pace. It is recommended to run slowly, at a comfortable rhythm, without overloading the respiratory system and heart. It is worth starting small: 10 minutes a day is enough without pain.
  • Then, the time can be gradually increased.
  • Run at least 3 times a week. Start with a warm-up.
  • Avoid blood pressure fluctuations. It means that you should start and finish smoothly: first slow down, then step.

Also you can run on a treadmill and you should know some treadmill running tips.

Jumping Rope for Weight Loss

How to lose weight quickly in the feet? Jumping on a skipping rope without pain. This trainer is especially popular among ballerinas: it helps to work all the foot and ankle to burn off extra pounds and plantar fasciitis. To get a pronounced result, you need to jump for at least 15 minutes, alternating a few simple training:

  • Jumping on two feet with a landing on the full foot.
  • Alternating jumps on different legs.
  • Pause with a foot lift.

In addition, you can do squats – classic and with the back of a chair. It is recommended to train in the morning before meals or in the evening before going to bed.

Exercises for the Hips and Buttocks

Make the foot slimmer and the ankle tighter will help a set of training that include a few simple activities:

  • “Cycling” 5-8 minutes a day without pain.
  • Leg swings from lying on your side (20-30 times on each leg, 3-4 approaches).
  • Squats at the wall. To do this, stand with your back close to the wall and lower yourself down so that your legs stand at right angles. If the exercise is performed correctly, you will get a pose, in which you seem to be sitting on a chair. Stay in this position for 1-2 minutes (to start). Later the time increases. This exercise helps not only to strengthen the hips and buttocks, but also to relieve the clamps in the back and even to reduce extra pounds.

Exercises for the Calves

As a rule, this area is not a problem foot area. However, even for it there is a whole set of training that allows you to achieve perfect relief of foot:

  • In the supine position, pull your foot up to your chest and slowly straighten them, trying to keep them above the floor for a few seconds.
  • Place your feet at shoulder width. Bend over, trying to reach the foot with your hands. It
  • should be done slowly, without jerking, otherwise there is a risk of stretching ligaments.
  • Lie on your back, put one arm around your calf and hold your knee with the other so it does not bend. Gently pull your leg toward you.
  • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, pointing your toes diagonally outward. Do slow deep squats, making sure the pelvis stays in line.
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For a pronounced effect, it is recommended to perform these training at least 3 times a week.

The Optimal Diet for Losing Excess Weight

An important step on the way to an ideal figure will be the rejection of unhealthy junk food and extra pounds. From the health diet should disappear purchased risk sweets and sodas, fast food, fatty fried meat. What must be on your menu?

  • A lot of fiber. It is contained in fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that they be eaten raw. Allowed stewing and steaming.
  • More protein. This is the main building material of muscle tissue. An additional source of protein can be a protein shake “Formula 1” from health Nutrition. It is suitable for those who watch the weight or sit on a diet. The low-calorie product will provide a long feeling of satiety, while the high protein content will help you achieve faster results when working out.
  • Drink plenty of clean water. Be sure to monitor your water-salt balance. Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day.

Alternative Methods

To enhance the effect of diet, you can use several other approaches without pain.

  • Anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage. An excellent way to normalize the lymph flow in the legs, return the skin tone and elasticity.
  • Using scrubs. They help get rid of the top horny layer of skin, increasing the flow of blood to the capillaries.
  • The use of creams. Anti-cellulite remedies help not only to get rid of unsightly skin irregularities, but also to reduce the volume in problem areas. Before using such means, it is recommended to consult with a specialist.


And do not forget that a flawless result is achieved by hard workouts without pain and a healthy diet. You can achieve a pronounced effect if you do regular jogging, as well as include healthy foods in the menu and give up fast food.

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How can I make my feet skinnier?

To create the illusion of slimmer feet, opt for shoes with a narrower silhouette and pointed or almond-shaped toes. Additionally, engaging in foot exercises to strengthen and tone the muscles, along with overall weight loss, can contribute to a more defined look.

Can you lose fat in your feet?

Yes, it is possible to lose fat in your feet through overall weight loss and reduction in body fat percentage, which can lead to a decrease in fat in various parts of the body, including the feet. However, spot reduction specifically in the feet is not possible, so a comprehensive weight loss approach is necessary.

Can your feet get slimmer?

While you cannot significantly alter the actual size or shape of your feet, you can create the illusion of slimmer feet through exercises to strengthen and tone the muscles, along with choosing footwear styles that visually elongate and narrow the appearance of the feet.

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