How to make spin bike seat more comfortable? Simple but effective instruction

Being in a good shape is hard and energy intensive. It takes a lot of motivation and strength, and any obstacle could mess up everything. Everybody wants to get the best result and cycling is one of the best options.


But, it is a known fact, that spinning bikes can be very uncomfortable, so much so that you can find you’re not getting the best results from your workout.

One of the reasons has to do with the design of bicycles. These narrow saddles do not provide a comfortable ride. But that’s also true if you don’t adjust your exercise bike properly or don’t know how to sit on your exercise bike.

What to do when you start pedaling to get your muscles working to reduce lactic acid burn. Get tired and sick faster than they should.

In that way, how can you make cycling more comfortable? We want to represent our research by asking for pieces of advice from some top spinning instructors on how to make the spin class more appropriate and prevent “bike seat pain after spinning class syndrome.” And here’s what they told us.

How to make spinning more comfortable

Work on your spin bike setup

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The comfort is above all and there are some suggestions in the case for you to be sure how to install a spin bike, checking the following:

  • Sit in the exercise bike seat and place one heel on the reverse pedal. In this position, the knee should be straight, there shouldn’t be “sit bones”.
  • Too much knee flexion can lead to other problems, such as overuse of the patella, and too little flexion can lead to excessive effort to reach the pedal.
  • Raise the dumbbell as high as you can to match your height. I don’t think you need to be too picky here other than to match your comfort level.
  • The distance between the front of the seat and the handlebar should be from your elbow to your middle finger (again, adjust this for comfort).

How to make spin bike seat more comfortable

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Spinning seats are designed to keep you in a position where your body stays straight, and your hips are more stable, a bit also can be a feeling of “sit bones”. It means you can focus more energy on leg movement, but their thin design can make them uncomfortable.

However, there is a very simple solution

The padded seat of an indoor bike is more comfortable than the hard seat of an outdoor bike, but most padded seats have one significant problem; they are not wide enough. The narrow width of the seat tends to cause irritation and soreness after a long ride.

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To avoid the discomfort of a stationary bike seat uncomfortable, you can use one of three methods to make your stationary bike seat taller and softer. You can purchase a replacement seat that is wider than the original seat, cover your existing seat with a gel coat, or add padding under your current seat.

Buy a big spin bike seat


Your last line of improvement is to change your saddle. We already know that the saddles that come with most exercise bikes are not necessarily the most comfortable. But you don’t answer!

The big saddle is a great example of a replacement seat that you can buy. It is very wide, so it provides a lot of support if you have wide hips. It also has very deep(!) damping and suspension springs that can help provide the relief you need.

Furthermore, it’s easy to install (comes with all the necessary tools) and already has numerous satisfied customers—see reviews on the Internet.


The easiest way to get a wider bike saddle is to buy a bigger spare tire. Major brands of exercise bikes offer large seats. Some models, specially designed for spinning, also have very wide seats.

Extra wide seats are typically 7 to 10 inches (ca. 25 cm) wide, compared to 4 to 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) wide for standard seats.

Use gel pads

You can purchase gel pads for your existing spinning seat instead of replacing them. Look for gel covers that are specifically designed for exercise bikes and not outdoor bike seats.


Each impact gel pad contains gel chambers. The semi-solid impact gel has incredible cushioning properties due to the way energy is transferred and dissipated through the molecular structure of the gel.

Energy flows horizontally through the gel from the point of impact, like ripples on the surface of a pond.

The shock gel pads are second to none when it comes to relieving pressure caused by a bad saddle fit.



The technology and fit of impact gel saddle pads were perfected and have been the first choice for riders for fifteen years. The gel bladders are shaped and situated to fit under the bars of the saddle and keep pressure off the spine.

The craftsmanship of the saddle pad includes a cutout at the withers providing a free range of motion, a cut away at the billet for perfect rigging, and a contour cut along the spine for maximum fit.


Impact gel saddle pads are handcrafted in Wisconsin and built to last. Impact gel is unaffected by extreme temperatures. Between 40 °F and 250 °F, impact gel retains its energy-absorbing properties.

Our unique wool blend wicks moisture and is incredibly durable. Heavy-duty wear leathers are made with fresh-prepared hides, which can maintain their properties for at least 50 years.

Consider suitable bike shorts

It’s like with an exercise bike, you need proper clothing. You can improve seat comfort by purchasing a pair of padded cycling shorts to support even the most serious and sensitive doers and make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

To be or not to be

Before you go to the gym to exercise on a stationary bike, you need to decide on the types of shorts. For example, shorts with a soft lining. They are great for this purpose and will help make any bike seat more comfortable and practical.

We must admit they look rather strange, but, if you prefer to wear baggier shorts when you spin or cycle, then padding cycling knickers could be your answer.

How long does it take to get used to the spin bike seat?

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First, do not use the chair for more than an hour a day. It may take a few weeks to get used to the unusual weight of the seat. If you are not an experienced rider or cyclist, you should gradually get used to the saddle.

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When you’ve been sitting in a bad posture for years, your body needs time to adjust, your hips can be tight, and it takes time to stretch. The abdominal and back muscles may not get used to standing and may take time to get into shape. Be patient.

make a comparison

Did you ride a horse? Remember, when you first get into the saddle, you should smile, sit and sit low in the saddle, and soon it will become very comfortable. The same applies to the saddle. If you experience pain while exercising, try changing the angle of your chair to a more horizontal position, so you can sit and lean on it.

And remember that over time your body will comfortably adjust. Explore seat options and seat heights. Small changes advance the pressure distribution.

Suggest using the case

For the first few weeks, move the chair as far back as possible to simply use the bench. Do not use the seat back until you are completely comfortable in the seat. Adjust the inclination of the seat (usually the backrest) to be as comfortable as possible for your current fitness level.

With healthy stools, your fitness will improve, and you will find yourself using the stool in a more moderate position.

Tip for men

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Some people find it difficult to change. This is done by moving the exercise bike seat as far forward as possible. In addition, the slider on the seat allows the male parts to be more conveniently placed as seating guides.

Tension in the thighs. Some people experience tension in their hips and thighs. Your body will change again. A stretched knee position significantly reduces the risk of developing late hip disease. Tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments will soften and loosen over time, which is desirable.

How to properly sit on a spin bike


Getting your spin bike seat position correct is important, but if you then don’t sit on the exercise bike correctly, you’re still going to run into problems.

Incorrect posture will put pressure on the wrong places as you move, making your spin class less comfortable – and less effective. So, check your position on spin bikes:

  • raise your chin
  • lift and open your chest
  • pull your shoulders back
  • shrink your core
  • hip point
  • elbows slightly bent
  • make sure your arms aren’t stretched too far.
  • pay attention to the correct position of the steering wheel; otherwise, you will get pain in the lower back.
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Move around

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A good cycling session will have you pedaling in different positions to work different leg muscles, but changing positions regularly will also help you feel more comfortable.

Don’t forget, whenever you start to feel uncomfortable, change something about the way you are sitting. If you sit at a desk all day, you might find you can’t spend long periods on your elbows and so may need to move more to avoid this.

Tighten your belly

The more your upper body moves on the exercise bike, the more pressure you put on your back and hips. You want your upper body to try to stay as stable as possible. Ensure your core and body weight are engaged, so you don’t slump from side to side.

Doing the groundwork when you’re off the spin bike’s seat will help create that extra stability. Look at moves like the plank that develop deep core muscles more effectively than sit-ups.

If you can’t hold a plank for that long, there’s a very simple fix, which is to just shift your foot position slightly.

Take a break when you need

Sometimes the only way to keep your butt from hurting during spin class is to get out and walk around a bit. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, stand on the pedals for short intervals, even if it’s not a specific standing part of the workout of indoor cycling, which can also reduce sore butt syndrome.

Sometimes it pays to give yourself time to rest. As you know, the best rest is a change of activity. Ask yourself how long have you been studying, and what, perhaps, paid less attention to.

It can be a favorite but abandoned hobby, a trip to a memorable place, or just a walk. Try to free your thoughts and enjoy a moment of calm.

Don’t give up and keep practicing

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If all of the above is in place, then it’s just a matter of getting your body used to spinning – which will only happen with practice.

If you’re working out at home, you can find spinning workouts online or go old school and try spinning workout DVDs. One benefit of these is that you’re not trying to balance your phone on your handlebars while pedaling at a rate of knots.


It is very important not to give up and keep moving forward, nothing should stop you from achieving your goal. Of course, obstacles will get in your way, even at the most unforeseen moments.

Some little things can be annoying. But you must not stop! With just small victories, you will achieve a big goal.

If you feel like you can no longer continue, give yourself time, but try to keep the motivation and strength that you had from the very beginning. The main thing is to know that you will succeed!

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