Best Heavy Duty Treadmill For Obese Beginners

Being overweight is what makes people start running. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of people do it regularly. Even highly motivated people tend to postpone their training when they face certain troubles.

These are some issues that become a real obstacle to the outside running training. Treadmill for obese is the best variant.

  • The fear of being judged and laughed: the feeling when somebody watches you running isn’t the pleasant one. Many people feel embarrassed during such training.
  • Uncomfortable weather: the weather is not always favorable for runners. It may be too hot or cold or rainy for training. So people would better miss the training rather than experience such discomfort.
  • Safety during running: night and early morning training may be dangerous at some places.
  • Special sportswear: people usually don’t have appropriate workout clothes. So buying one may also be a trouble.
  • The lack of time: people may refuse from running because of everyday routine, their duties and daily activities which limit their time.

All these factors slow down the progress in running. People need to sort out all the issues, if they want to achieve a result.

However, running is useful only if it’s a part of the daily routine. It’s not so easy to make running a habit. That’s why beginners often choose a treadmill to start their training.

Advantages of using a Treadmill

what is the best treadmill for a heavy person

Treadmill is great for overweight beginners. You are in complete control of your workload and progress. Using a treadmill will make your training easier and more productive. Gradual weight loss will cheer you up to add some outdoor running sessions to your schedule.

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Treadmill is the right choice for beginner runners, because it:

  • Provides you with necessary data:

Most treadmills are motorized and computer controlled. You can easily track all important indicators, such as time, speed and distance of running, incline of the runway, your burned calories and actual heart rate.

  • Saves your money:

Treadmill is widely used and affordable. Having your own one is cheaper than visiting a gym. Treadmill usually pays off in about two years.

  • Gives you convenience:

With a home treadmill it will be easy for you to make the training a habit. You don’t need to waste your time on going to the gym. It’s very convenient.

  • Lets you stay flexible:

Treadmill allows you to make the most personalized schedule of training. You can exercise as much as you want and take as long breaks as you need during the whole day.

  • Remains in your comfort zone:

No strangers, noises or annoying music. A homely atmosphere will contribute to your comfort. By the way, no need to buy a special workout outfit.

  • Makes you multitask:

You can combine your workout with any other activities like reading books, watching TV-shows or YouTube videos, listening to podcasts or communicating with friends and family. Treadmill will help to stay fit for both you and your family.

Features to consider in choosing a treadmill

best treadmill for heavy runners

Overweight people should know some specific factors before making a decision. The best treadmill for heavy runners should be:

  • Qualitatively built:

To recognize a good quality treadmill you need to look at its assembled weight. Models with lower end are usually light-weight and built of cheap materials. So if you choose between the one that weighs 25 kg and the other one of 100 kg you should go with the second one.

  • Compact and portable:
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Assess the available space in your home before buying a treadmill. If you can’t place it in your room permanently, you can look at a foldable one. This way you will save space and store your treadmill when you don’t exercise.

  • With suitable weight limits:

If you consider a treadmill for obese beginners, you should pay attention to its user weight limit. Its common range usually starts from 100 kg (15.7 Stone) to 160 kg (25 Stone).

There are treadmills with up to 200 kg weight limits. This type of treadmill is great for heavy runners who start with higher speed from the very beginning.

  • Shock absorbing:

It will be more comfortable for you to run longer, if your treadmill has a good suspension system. This feature is beneficial to the health of your joints, because it decreases the tension in legs while running. Also, it makes the treadmill work quieter.

  • With proper motor type and running speed:

Treadmills are divided into two categories: motorized and ‘manual’ or ‘magnetic’, which means ‘non-motorized’. Treadmills without motors are cheaper. But durability of these ’manual’ treadmills is low. Training on such models is more difficult due to the lack of speed control, as well.

That’s why they aren’t appropriate for overweight runners. Choose a treadmill with not less than 2 HP motors and 10 km/hr speed or even more, if you plan to run with speed intervals.

  • With spacious running area:

When you look for a treadmill for a heavy person, you should pay some attention to its running area. The width and length of the running track should be big enough.

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Such little area as 80 cm long and 28 cm wide definitely is too small for your comfortable training. The optimal size of the running track is 100 cm long and 40 cm wide and even more.

  • Other useful features:

Treadmills may also have some extra devices like built-in speakers, LCD screen, some reset programs. They don’t really influence the quality of your training, but may be pleasant for you to use.


treadmill for obese

So what is the best treadmill for a heavy person? There are some recommendations to help you make up your mind. These treadmills were chosen due to the features listed above.

All recommended models are perfect for beginners who want to lose weight effectively. For your comfort, there are models of different price levels.

Sportstech F10 TreadmillJLL S300 Digital Treadmill (Updated Version)Branx Fitness Foldable 'Elite Runner Pro'Reebok ZR8 Treadmill
what is the best treadmill for a heavy personbest treadmill for heavy runnerstreadmill for obesetreadmill for heavy person
Max. Speed:10 km/hMax. Speed:16 km/hMax. Speed:23 km/hMax. Speed:18 km/h
Max. Weight:120kgMax. Weight:120kgMax. Weight:160 kgMax. Weight:110 kg
Deck Size:124 x 63.5 cmDeck Size:158 x 70 cmDeck Size:140 x 52 cmDeck Size:126 x 41 cm
(4/5) (4,5/5) (5/5)(5/5)

Make your choice wisely according to your preferences. Stay healthy and well-looking with your own perfect treadmill!


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