Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR8 elliptical review

Zero Runner ZR8 elliptical
octane zero runner

The Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR8 is a unique simulator in 2020. It combines two in one, namely the elliptical and treadmills. In addition, doing it you can strength and cardio workouts at the same time. Also an advantage is that this machine is quite spacious and will allow you to stretch your legs up to 50 inches.

How does it affect health? Extremely positive, because doing exercises on the Octane Zero Runner, you can improve your blood vessels and heart function.


What is the main difference between the Octane Fitness zero runner zr8 and previous models, you ask? The fact is that the type that this machine offers you, you can not test on any of the previous models. The main secret is that this simulator has hip and knee joints (like people). Another of the main features of this machine is that while doing it you practically do not feel any differences from real running.

All this thanks to the minimum shock load. These are just a few of the features that make the Octane Fitness zero runner zr8 a special machine. And we will talk about the rest in our article.

Unfortunately, people do not know much about zr8 elliptical:

1. You need to know that this simulator is not compatible with the Polar heart rate chest strap and the Cross Circuit Pro Kit.

2. Cross Circuit Pro Kit – These are two stands for dumbbells and squats. They are usually located on the back of Octane Fitness elliptical trainers.

3. Thanks to the Cross Circuit Pro Kit, you can combine strength and cardio workouts with limited rest.

zero runner zr8
zero runner zr8

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Octane Zero Runner ZR8 Elliptical Overview

I think you are interested in knowing what is the motto of this car. “RUN SMARTER” – this phrase perfectly describes this model of 2020 year. What is the advantage of the Octane Zero Runner ZR8 compared to the previous version (zr7)? Of course, this is because it has durable aircraft-grade aluminum legs and lightweight pedals that provide faster cadence.

You can also see his additional set of pens. This was done in the first place for greater variety, and secondly for better performance.

Of course, we cannot help but pay attention to the fact that the Octane Zero Runner ZR8 elliptical has autonomous power and provides silent operation without wires. For this machine to start working, you need to insert 4 AA batteries into it. Believe me, it will not be difficult for you, because they are quite easily replaced.

Other design features include a narrow 1.4 “pedal spacing and a 5.2” low lift height. Compared to the previous model, the distance between the pedals is 0.6 ″ narrower, which allows you to combine the hips and lower body.

In addition to everything, they also improved the resistance range, but we could not determine the watts of resistance that the ZR8 offers. Octane Zero Runner 8 offers 3 sets of hand grips, static with built-in heart rate sensors, moving and working handles.

Here is the deal with Octane zr8:
This new model is not like all previous machines, so users will need to adjust to its use. However, I’m sure that in just a few weeks you will get used to the Zero Runner zr8 elliptical.

Innovative design allows your knees to bend as you would when running outdoors. Therefore, your feet will always stay on the pedals. But that’s not all the features that make the Octane Zero Runner zr8 a unique masterpiece. It also has a pitch of 58 inches, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

The elliptical Octane ZR8 features an LCD with integrated ANT + and Bluetooth (4.0). In addition, it is compatible with the Smart-Link application, thanks to which users can create training programs that match their learning goals.

This is very convenient, because you can save daily training results in this application to see your results and progress. There are also 35 predefined workout programs for zr8, but only 4 of them are on the console, and the remaining 31 programs are in the SmartLink application.


You should go for Octane Zero Runner zr8 elliptical if:

  • You are a runner. Octane zr8 is an excellent machine that will replace your daily run. Of course, everyone knows that running is one of the most effective exercises, but you need to remember that it can do much harm. The fact is that every time you take your feet off the ground and hit them back, it affects your joints. But Octane Fitness ZR8 offers all the benefits of running with zero impact. Undoubtedly, you can still continue to run on the street, just Octane zr8 will allow you to do this not every day.
  • You want to feel freedom during training, as with this machine you can stretch your legs up to 58 inches.
  • You have problems with your kneecaps or joints as a whole. You won’t believe what else this machine has unique. Now, running on the Octane Fitness Zero Runner 8 you will not feel any harm to yourself. Patented hip and knee joints provide real running experience (without impact on running).
  • Your height is more or less than average. The ergonomic design and 58 ″ pitch of the Octane ZR8 elliptical shape allows you to perform exercises of any size without any difficulty. As a result, it will suit all members of your family. It is very comfortable. In addition, this machine is perfect for the gym, because it will be able to deal with all visitors with growth and body shape weighing up to 300 pounds. And it is very profitable.
  • You live in an apartment. If you are afraid that it will be too large for your apartment or too noisy, then you are mistaken. The Octane Zero Runner zr8 is smooth and runs very quietly compared to a treadmill, so you won’t bother your neighbors and its compact size compared to its peers.
  • You like to use a resistance cord. The Octane zr8 simulator also has 7 connection points, so that the simulator can capture the resistance band and begin to perform all types of strength training (machines).
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You should NOT go for Octane Zero Runner zr8 elliptical if:

  • You get used to something new for a very long time. The fact is that in order to fully adapt to this machine, it will take time. All this because it is not like a traditional elliptical trainer. But believe me, if you understand how to use it, you will be very satisfied and the result will definitely please you.
  • You need a simulator that will allow you to feel the climb uphill or you need it for strength training. The problem is that with Zero Runner zr8 you can only do cardio, as this model does not have a ramp function and does not provide powerful resistance.

You cannot do without a large touch screen with a color LCD display, speaker and fan. Zero Runner ZR8 elliptical has a backlit display that allows you to track only basic information.

octane zero runner reviews

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What is unique about Octane Fitness Zero Runner zr8 elliptical

  • ZR8 is two in one. This is both an elliptical and a treadmill. The only difference is that it has less impact on the joints than a treadmill or running on the street. And the user can get that heel kick that he cannot reach on any treadmill.
  • The Octane Zero Runner zr8 elliptical offers 3 sets of pens. For example, if you want to work with your core, then use static and working rudders, but moving rudders will be necessary for you to train the whole body. The performance grips will allow users of low growth to work better with a core.
  • The elliptical ZR8 comes with multiple connection points on the frame for cross-training. Thanks to resistance, you can perform those exercises that contribute to muscle building and stamina. To use it you must attach the tape to one of the points on the frame. Do not worry if you do not understand how to use them. Believe me, this is not a problem, because there is an available SmartLink application in which there is a training video on how to do this. Therefore, after you carefully watch this video, everything will be simple and clear for you.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth, ANT +, SmartLink, Garmin Connect IQ and wireless heart rate (Polar, ANT + and Bluetooth 4.0). By the way, this is an excellent observation that you can view your statistics about training on the street and at home in one place. This is very convenient and will allow you to see the difference and the result from training.

Octane ZR8 Review


The downside is that the ZR8 has an adjustable resistance, which is not in the most convenient place. It is built into the back of the machine. But in fact, we think that this is not a big problem, given all the advantages of this model. However, be aware that you must stop moving before adjusting resistance.

You can set the resistance of the machine for free movement or increase the resistance to repeat a higher intensity or movement uphill.

Resistance zr8 is improved in comparison with the previous model (zr7). But when compared to the ZR8000, the Octane ZR8 lacks some features. For example, the resistance level. If you want to conduct more intensive training, then we would recommend you switch to the ZR8000. The fact is that it has more stability and functionality.

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Stride and Tilt

In addition to all the advantages, it is also important that the stride length of this machine is from 0 to 58 inches. This is worth paying attention to, because most often on elliptical machines, stride lengths of up to 25 inches. Therefore, remember this addition, because this is what will allow you to run and jog, working on your shoulder and arms.

In addition to everything, the ZR8 uses two-stage tracking technology, as a result of which you can see the health and sequence of your movements on the screen. Thanks to this functionality, you can easily determine how exhausted you are. But the minus is that while running on the treadmill or outside, you cannot follow every stride / step. In addition, a small drawback is that the Octane Fitness Zero Runner zr8 does not have an inclined ramp for climbing the mountain.

How to choose optimal stride length on elliptical you can read in this article.


The display does not have a blue backlight, but the LCD is quite clear, so we can say with confidence that even at night you will see the data shown. In addition, on the display you can track the necessary training data. For example, speed, HR calories and pedal movement. But it is worth remembering that the Octane Fitness Zero Runner offers only a basic display and does not have any spectacular function.

smartlink clear mountain

Bluetooth and App connectivity

The elliptical ZR8 has Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT. In addition, a feature of this model is that it has the ability to connect to the Smart-Link application, as well as to the Garmin Connect IQ application. This means that you can connect your Andriod, iPad, iPhone, etc. to the ZR8.

There are also a number of nice features. For example, you can download free applications, connect the machine to your device, create an account, insert your data and track training data. In addition to all this, this model allows you to customize training programs to suit your goals. The simulator can also download workout plans using the Smart-Link app and add strength training to cardio.

But the real main feature of Smart-Link is that it allows you to monitor your data in real time on the screen of your device. For example, this application allows you to see which legs are stretched to a greater or lesser extent, as well as the effectiveness and differences in running.

This is something you cannot control on treadmills or on the street. The orange stand at the top of the display is where you can place your devices.


The zr8 elliptical machine has more programs than most analogues on the market. Namely, 35 built-in programs, from endurance to recovery to toning options.

Octane ZR8’s training programs include 13 endurance programs, 12 tone enhancement programs, and 10 active recovery programs. However, only 4 of these programs are located on the console, and the rest of the programs are in the Smart-Link application.

Heart Rate

The ZR8 also features a heart rate monitor compatible with wireless ANT +, and a Bluetooth 4.0 chest strap for accurate readings. You can wear a polar explorer or keep your hands on motionless wheels to see your heart rate on the screen. A heart rate monitor is also included.

Media Rack

The ZR8 offers plenty of space on the console for the rider to place their device and stream through their favorite music or monitor their progress on their device.

Handlebars and pedals

ZR8 offers several rudders for the simulator, such as static rudders, movable rudders and working handles (3 handles) This is done so that you can change the handles and engage different parts of the body. For example, moving handlebars will allow you to train your upper and lower body, while motionless handlebars will allow you to concentrate more on your lower body.

This model also has capture groups that allow you to train your core during cardio. You can also use them to activate more than you get and increase your heart rate. But the main thing is that it allows you to find this natural step for the upper body. It also improves balance. And the performance control feature allows users to focus on additional core stability.

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By the way, regardless of your speed on the Octane ZR8, your legs will always be stable and in place. All this thanks to an excellent addition, namely the fact that the ZR8 comes with large and comfortable rubber non-slip pedals and a toe for safety. The distance between the pedals is 1.4 “and the lift height is 5.2”.

octane fitness zero runner
octane zr8
Max user weight300 LbsMedia ShelfYes
Dimensions63L X 38W X 48HCompactYes
ResistanceN/ABottle HolderYes
Incline RampNOBluetoothYes
Machine Weight191 LbsCooling FanNo
Stride Length0-58 InchesSpeakerNo
Average Rating★★★★☆DisplayNot back-lit
Customer Service★★★★☆Power SupplySelf-Powered
Console★★★☆☆PriceCheck Price

Drive mechanism

Unfortunately, we did not find any information about the ZR8 drive system. But despite this, we know that the Octane Zero Runner ZR8 does not have a belt, motor, rollers and soundboard. Thanks to this, you will save your money, and you will not need to think about maintenance, various troubles and clutter. All this is very convenient, economical and not difficult.

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What is included with Octane Fitness ZR8

  • Set of resistance bands CROSS CIRCUIT
  • Water bottle holder
  • Media rack
  • Optional tray
  • ANT + / BLE Heart Rate Strap
  • Transport wheels
  • Home Use Guarantee
  • Frame Life
  • 5 year old in parts
  • 1 year to work

Octane Fitness Zero Runner zr8 assembly

Despite the fact that some parts on the back of the machine come pre-assembled, however, many of them will need to be assembled by yourself. And unfortunately, not all the necessary tools are included. Therefore, we offer you to professionally bring Zero Runner zr8 together.

Required tools: Phillips screwdriver, 13 mm wrench (2), 17 mm wrench (2), (6 mm hexagon and 5 mm hexagon).


  • Mat to protect the floor from possible scratches and sweat
  • Lubrication to reduce friction
  • 4 AA batteries for console

Final Word on Octane Zero Runner ZR8 Elliptical

By the way, when training on this machine, you can bend your knee in the same way as when running on the road. This is thanks to the innovative Octane ZR8 elliptical design with zero running, namely because the machine has knees and hips that bend. By taking short steps, you can walk and imitate running or long sprints with a long step.

What makes Smart Link smarter than most fitness apps? The fact is that this application determines the stride length and the height of the hit on the heel. This way you can easily determine which areas you need to work on more. It’s also very convenient that it allows you to run and track your statuses from your device while watching your favorite Netflix show.

We believe the RZ8 is one of the best elliptical machines on the market. Indeed, in its value leads so much. You pay less than $ 3,500 for an elliptical and treadmill that is smarter and more efficient than peers. You do not even need to connect the device, as it generates the necessary power. Thus, you can place it anywhere in the gym or at home and save on energy bills.

Run faster, more efficiently and avoid injuries associated with the effects of running. The suspension design allows athletes to feel the same emotions and sensations as running from the street.

The materials used in the Octane Fitness ZR8 are aircraft grade aluminum and lightweight pedals for added stability and durability. And do not doubt that the full elliptical machine RZ8 is one of the best in the whole market and is worth the money.

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zero runner
octane fitness zero runner


  • Zero joint effects
  • Athletes of any size, shape and level can use it
  • It is two in one, elliptical and treadmill
  • Compatible with ANT / BLE heart rate chest strap
  • 35 firmware, 4 on the console and 31 in the SmartLink application
  • 58 inch pitch
  • Transport wheels and lightweight machine make it easy to move
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Aluminum aviation and light pedals
  • Seven connection points for resistance bands
  • Octane Fitness zr8 is quieter than a treadmill


  • Octane zero runner zr8 has no speaker or cooling fan
  • The resistance is at the back of the machine, and you need to stop to adjust the resistance
  • Zero Runner 8 is not compatible with Cross Circuit Pro Kit
  • The console displays the most basic data and does not have a backlight.
  • Moving handlebars do not have heart rate sensors
  • He has no till
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