Spin Bike Computer – Ultimate Guide For You

As long as you’re training, it’s a good idea to keep track of your stats for better results. And it’s really important for any kind of workout. There’s a bunch of stuff: a program that counts your steps, rowing monitors, heart rate measurement, and a bunch of cool and advanced technology.

They can help you work out more efficiently and set new records. Today we’re going to talk about just one such helper: the spin bike computer.

These bike computer consoles will be a great helper to collect all your statistics. They are really great at collecting all the information you need and help you break your own records over time.

You will have the following functions available to you: cadence, walking speed, distance traveled, time spent, and the number of calories you burned during your workout. And this is just a part of what such consoles will be able to provide you.

Given today’s epidemiological environment, exercising at home today is the safest type of workout. That’s why you may need a tremendous amount of statistics to choose the right direction for further training.

Spin trainers, like the rest of the fitness equipment available for purchase today, have become even more in demand among athletes. Because not everyone can go to the gym, and you do not want to disrupt the regime of the day.

But here is the question: how to decide on the choice, given the wide range of spin bikes and accessories for them? How not to get lost among a pile of obscure names and brands? That’s where we’ll help you.

We went through a bunch of different gaming consoles for cycling computers, and we have allocated for you the best candidates for purchase. We focused on a lot of factors, which you’ll also learn about in this article, and that’s what helped us come up with our list.

So, you already know what to expect from this article, so let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the best consoles for indoor activities.

Best Computer For Spin Bikes Compared

Best Spin Bike Computers Comparison Table

Spinning BIO Heart-Rate Wireless Computer for Indoor Cycling Spin BikesRPM, speed, HR, distance, calories, and timeWireless but not Bluetooth or ANT+EasyNo
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer For Indoor Cycles and Road BikesRPM, speed, HR, distance, calories, and timeWireless Bluetooth and ANT+EasyYes
SHANREN Raptor II Bluetooth Smart Wireless Road & Spin Bike SpeedometerRPM, speed, HR, distance, calories, and timeWireless Bluetooth and ANT+ModerateYes
CatEye – Strada Cadence Wired Bike Computer For Road & Spin BikesRPM, speed, distance, calories, and timeWired – without Bluetooth or ANT+ModerateNo
Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Bike Computer For Indoor Bikes and Road BikesSpeed, distance, calories, and timeWired – without Bluetooth or ANT+ModerateNo
Wahoo Outdoor and Indoor Cycling Speed and Cadence/RPM SensorsRPM, speed, distance, and timeWireless Bluetooth and ANT+EasyNo

Top Spin Bike Computer Picks

Spinning BIO Heart-Rate Wireless Computer for Indoor Cycling Spin Bikes

spin bike computer

At the top of our list is this great wireless computer for your home exercise bikes. As you can tell from its name, it was originally designed to be built into spin bikes. What might that mean for us?

Every feature, design selection, and other minutiae you could ever imagine is tailored precisely to the needs of the exercise bike for successful home exercise. It continually provides you with all the statistics you need, ensuring a complete workout every time at no extra cost.

Let’s start with such a feature as the display of pedal speed. This is shown as the number of revolutions per minute. This is the speed at which you are pedaling or have pedaled in the past workout. Who will this be useful for?

For those athletes who want to keep track of how often they pedal and want to increase their speed over time. You can also choose to display your speed or distance traveled and display those parameters. The interface is pretty simple, and everything goes quickly, at the touch of just one button.

Both of these benefits are incredibly useful and versatile for any exercise program on the exercise bike. The speed meter is sure to come in handy for strenuous and short workouts.

At the same time, a distance meter can come in handy for steep marathon runs from one imaginary state to another, where you’ll be giving it your all. If you like your workout to be timed, the computer will display that information for you as well. As you can see, everything is very useful.

These features are especially useful in conjunction. For example, you want to know how long it takes you to walk a particular distance. Finally, it will show you how many calories you burned during your workout. Everyone loves it when the calories burned go up really fast.

This is one of the motivations behind any workout we do. Many people judge the effectiveness of their workouts just by the calories. Just take surveys at gyms, watch any video on the subject, or read any set of exercises.

The computer automatically turns on as soon as you start the exercise bike. It also automatically turns off when four minutes have passed after you’ve exercised. There is one little nuance to keep in mind when buying this computer: it only works with Spinner bikes.

We could put that on the downside, but there’s a but. There are a hundred videos where the guys show how to install this marvel of technology on other exercisers without losing its performance.

The computer is also designed for front-wheel drive spin bikes. The coolest thing about this computer is that it comes with a heart rate monitor that is designed specifically for it, not bought from another company.

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There is also a one-year warranty, but it is only valid for private use. The cost of the computer may be a stopping factor for some users. It costs $133, which is quite a lot of money for an exercise bike computer. But you can hardly argue that the price corresponds to the quality of performance of this device.

And the best alternatives at an adequate price to date does not exist. In general, we recommend it to you in every way.

·        It is designed entirely for spin bikes


·        It has all the features you need for an effective workout

·        You can also measure your heart rate during training, a feature designed specifically for this computer

·        The price may confuse some users


·        It was originally designed for only one model of bicycle. Also, you will not find a backlight, so you can’t practice with it in poor lighting conditions

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer For Indoor Cycles and Road Bikes

spin bike computer

Here we come to the second place, where we have prepared another remarkable bike computer for you. It is originally made for road bikes, but by simple manipulation, namely by adding speed and cadence sensors to it, it can also be used at home.

The sensors will have to be bought separately, which is not very nice for our purposes. But it is worth it since this computer performed great on home spin bikes during the experiment.

It has a special app that can connect directly to your smartphone to keep statistics and collect data. The design is simple enough, pairing is quick and effortless, you can easily adjust settings, search for workouts on the web, and use wireless sensors.

When you finish another workout, the computer will send all the necessary data to the apps that are tethered to it.

You’ll also be able to keep yourself on pace with your social life at all times, even during your workout. You have the option to connect your smartphone to receive important emails, messages from friends and family, and call alerts.

There is another noteworthy feature in this console. It’s called group tracking. You can find like-minded people who exercise on the exercise bike at the same time as you, thereby enhancing your social experience.

If you still prefer solitude and want to protect yourself from unnecessary anxiety, you can turn off all social functions. At the same time, the computer collects and displays a huge amount of data. It is possible to monitor up to ten fields of different data at the same time.

There is standard data for everyone, such as time, distance and calories. But this is not the end of the functionality of this device, it is just the beginning.

Just imagine: you have more than 170 data fields at your disposal, which can appear on your screen. If we start to analyze all its functions, we’ll have to publish a separate article on this topic. It also has other methods of presenting information to you built-in as well.

Quicklook LEDs can be used to track power, heart rate, speed and any incoming calls, text messages or email alerts.

The only problem that might stop you buying this particular computer is its price. Because of its high quality, its price is $229, which is quite a lot.

That’s not including the extra investment, for a pedal speed sensor and speed, if you need all that extra data. However, in today’s market you can hardly find a computer with so many features.

·        All its features


·        This computer can do just about anything

·        It can display just about any information you want to see on the screen and has the ability to connect to just about any workout app

·        Some routes may be irrelevant since we use this computer indoors and not outdoors


·        The sad fact that the pedal speed and speed sensors will have to be purchased

·        Price will also be a big disadvantage for some users

SHANREN Raptor II Bluetooth Smart Wireless Road & Spin Bike Speedometer

spin bike computer

Next, we present a wireless bicycle speedometer with Bluetooth function. This is another computer that was originally made for the outdoors, but is great for spin bikes too, as long as it has a place where you can attach a sensor holder.

It is capable of tracking the standard stats you need. You will be able to monitor cadence, speed, distance traveled, and time spent. You can also synchronize this computer with the heart rate sensor, as well as the speed and cadence sensors. Synchronization is quite simple, and takes place via Bluetooth.

We can observe quite remarkable technology that is used for connection. The computer finds the sensor in a fraction of a second and synchronizes with it, memorizing it until the next workout. The computer has a pretty enough design and a nice size.

It’s two inches with adjustable backlighting so that even in total darkness you can enjoy your home workouts. There’s another cool feature of this computer: battery life. You can use it for up to two thousand hours on a single battery.

That’s a very large amount of training for cycling. And the battery itself doesn’t have to be replaced with a new one, you can just recharge it. Essentially, you have an endless battery at your disposal.

Since the computer was primarily designed for street bikes, to make it work successfully on your home simulator you will have to do some rather complicated manipulations. Let’s talk a little bit about installation. You need a magnet to attach to the flywheel.

We attach the sensor holder to the rear fork lever. This way it will be able to recognize the magnet on the flywheel and the pedal crank every time you rotate the flywheel.

Also, be warned that most modern models of spin bikes lack the very spot on the back, often found on street bikes, for attaching the sensor holder. What does this mean for you? That you may not be able to fit the sensor holder in the right place for it.

However, if you want to keep track of your speed during exercise, you can connect the sensor to the front fork and attach the magnet to the flywheel. This is not one hundred percent, but in most cases it saves you a lot of trouble about the compatibility of this computer with spin bikes.

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Among the models and counterparts on the market that we mentioned, this computer stands out for its cheapness. It costs about ninety dollars, which is very good for an optimal purchase price.

The most important disadvantage of this model is the long and tedious process of installing it on your exercise bike. But, it’s worth saying, once you get it up and running, you’ll quickly appreciate its effectiveness for exercising on the exercise bike at home.

·        This computer has a fair amount of power reserve, which tends towards infinity.


·        You can keep track of your stats for as long as you want

·        It’s pretty cheap when you consider other similar options

·        The installation process on some exercise bikes is quite long and tiring, and this is a big disadvantage for this computer, but it is the only

CatEye – Strada Cadence Wired Bike Computer For Road & Spin Bikes

spin bike computer

Next on the list is our wired bike computer model. It was also designed for street bikes, although it does quite well on home bikes with front-wheel drive, and that’s something many people might like.

It tracks the following parameters: your current, average and maximum travel speed, the distance you have traveled, the two distances you have ridden, the time that has passed since you started your workout, the tempo arrow, the clock and the pedal rate. It became clear to you that this is much more than the standard statistics that we are used to.

The mode that you choose will be displayed at the bottom of the computer screen, and the speed at which you are riding is displayed at the top at all times. The numbers are quite large, so they are easy to read off the screen.

The battery on this computer will also last you long enough. Even with frequent use, the computer can easily last you over two years without you bothering to think about replacing it.

That’s a tremendous amount of miles you can drive in that amount of time. But it begs the question: when the two years are up, what will we have to do? Are we going to lose all of our stats during that time after the battery dies?

And that’s a lot of work. Fortunately, that won’t happen because the computer will allow you to manually adjust the odometer when you buy a new battery and install it.

In terms of the display on the computer screen, this is quite noticeable. The screen itself is large, but with big numbers, so you can perceive all the information at a glance. The interface is definitely an important part of all spin bikes.

This computer will allow you to choose between eight different modes simply by clicking on the bottom of the front of this unit. That’s right, because hardly anyone wants to spend their time and energy wrestling with the computer interface during a workout just to look at the stats on other parameters.

As we said above, this device was originally designed for street bikes, not for spin bikes. However, buyers with the proper dexterity and cunning skills have managed to set it up for regular bikes that are in your house.

You simply have to attach the magnet to the flywheel and the sensor itself to the fork arm. So the sensor will be able to detect the magnets every time the flywheel rotates.

The computer is made in good conscience, and is cheap enough to save you money on buying it. Today its price is about fifty dollars, which is quite a bargain for such a clever device.

·        It is a very capable bike computer that will give you all the information you need on the screen and even a little more


·        Switching between the different statistical parameters is very easy, the numbers are large and clearly visible to all users

·        It’s hard enough to install on a home exercise bike, because of its original affiliation with street bikes


·        It’s too cheap, so it’s a bit suspect. There is no telling how this model will behave under heavy use

Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Bike Computer For Indoor Bikes and Road Bikes

spin bike computer

This model of bicycle computer was created by a well-known company for men and women who want to engage in cycling. In general, the name of this computer is very telling. Why? Because a protégé is a person who is guided and supported by an older, more experienced or more influential person.

This computer will help you with your goals and objectives without unnecessary difficulties and will improve the efficiency of your training many times over.

It has nine different parameters available for display: your ride speed, speed comparator, elapsed time, distance traveled, dual odometer, average speed display, maximum speed display, current time dial, and temperature.

The combination of all these features makes a standard workout truly enhanced and creates inspiration for future training. The liquid crystal display can display five parameters simultaneously.

The most attentive noticed that this is even more than half of the statistics that this computer is capable of showing. According to our version, the most interesting feature of this computer is that it preaches a design approach without any buttons.

So there is a huge screen with a lot of information on it. At the same time, the information is shown on a very handy page that is easy to read even with poor eyesight. In order to switch the displays, you only need to touch the computer screen. This makes it much easier to control the stats during a workout of any format.

If you touch and hold, you can reset all displayed data. The screen responds even when you are wearing gloves. It starts automatically as soon as you stand on the exercise bike and start your movement. This saves you from unnecessary manipulation to turn on the computer at the beginning of your workout.

After you’ve stopped, it takes its time to turn off and stop showing you your data. This only happens when you get off the exercise bike.

Since it is made for street bikes, you will have to do some manipulation to get this device to befriend the spin bike. It will work for front-wheel drive exercise bicycles.

As with the previous computer model, we attach the magnet to the flywheel and the sensor to the fork lever. Recall that this is to make the magnets work every time the flywheel rotates.

Another very cheap spin bike computer model is in front of us. It will only cost you thirty-four dollars. The price, although suspiciously low, gives you a warranty, and a lifetime warranty.

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So if it fails or starts showing strange information, the warranty is a great deal for you. It’s rare to find a lifetime warranty on a cheap computer model, but we were able to find one for you.

·        A very stable computer for those who want to see great stats at an inexpensive price


·        Button free design that looks great on this particular computer

·        Lifetime warranty is a nice bonus for a cheap model

·        The installation process on home exercise bikes can be confusing and time-consuming


·        It’s possible that once installed exactly on your spin bike, it will malfunction a bit if you do it all wrong

·        It is also annoying to have too long a wire connector

Wahoo Outdoor and Indoor Cycling Speed and Cadence/RPM Sensors

spin bike computer

And the last computer, but no less good, is an offering from a well-known brand. It has a difference from most of the computers on the market today. It consists in the fact that the pedal rotation sensor and the speed sensor are actually two independent parts of this device.

The cadence sensor, as the name implies, shows you the cadence of the pedals and the rpm of the user. The real-time speed sensor shows you your current speed and the distance you have traveled.

These sensors are amazing in different ways to connect anything you can. They can connect to devices via Bluetooth and other connections. And it can also work with a huge number of apps and programs on various devices. Just imagine, this computer supports compatibility with more than fifty popular apps.

The sensors can also sync with smartphones, tablets and other exercise computers, even from different manufacturers. In fact, it’s these extensive compatibility and adaptability features that deserve a place on our cycling computer list.

You might ask: well, they’re just sensors, and we’re looking at computers here, why are they on the list? But they work great and stable, and you don’t even have to buy a monitor.

You can just use your phone or tablet to monitor your stats with two very handy sensors. You just connect the sensors to any device and enjoy all the stats you need for your workouts.

The cost of these two sensors is about seventy dollars, which seems a little more expensive than what we cited for the purchase above on our list. However, that price has good reason.

This company is one of the two largest bicycle sensor companies. When you buy and use their product, you get a great working sensor, made by professionals and with lots of positive reviews online.

To give you a little more of its features, it’s worth mentioning the ability to return the unit for free within a month and get a one-year warranty on its use.

·        Quality sensors that can connect to just about anything that has been released in recent years


·        Excellent compatibility with a bunch of different popular apps that give you a wide variety to choose from, allowing you to find a convenient option for you

·        It’s not a computer.


·        This is not exactly a traditional device, so if you’re looking for something ordinary, this device is definitely not for you

·        Some exercise bikes have had a strange enough experience with them that you have had to make additional adjustments

Buyer’s Guide To Help You Find the Best Monitor for Your Spin Bike

That’s the end of our list of the best exercise bike computers. But it’s not the end of our guide for you. In this chapter, we’ll look at some of the features you need to keep in mind when you’re looking online for a digital display for your spin bike.

1.Wired and wireless spinning computer. If you have the option, don’t buy wired bike computers with a pedal rotation sensor. They are quite complicated to install and very difficult to maintain afterwards.

We are talking about the wire or cable that connects the screen itself to the sensors attached to the flywheel. We’re not talking about the wires getting damaged, especially if you have animals in your home that like to chew on them.

Excessive wires will add to the bulkiness of your exerciser and will interfere with the normal maintenance of the device. Therefore, try to choose only wireless bike computers with special monitors. They are easy enough to install and easy to keep clean and repair over time.

2.Design and installation. Many of the computers on our list and those on the market today are designed more for street bikes than for a bike simulator. This will make installation a time-consuming and annoying process, and you need to be prepared for that.

Take it as a rule of thumb: Before you buy a computer, take a close look at its details. If after that you come to the conclusion that this computer by all parameters suits your exercise bike and all the details logically fall into place, then you can safely buy the monitor that caught your eye.

3.Most stationary bike computers can be very expensive, so first decide for yourself what budget you are willing to spend on a particular model. If your budget for a bike computer is five hundred dollars or more, we recommend getting a pedal power meter rather than a home bike computer.

They are very easy to install on your own and provide the fastest feedback. Believe me, these devices are very expensive, and they are priced that way for a reason. They are much more efficient than the standard computers on the market, yet very powerful and make training a real pleasure.

If your budget is low, you can take a look at our list above and find something similar in the same price range if you are not satisfied with the options we have chosen for purchase.

4.Compatibility with different applications. If you have been using a handy app for a while and you don’t want to just take it and uninstall it to install something new, it’s worth looking at this factor to buy.

If the bike monitor is compatible with an app that you’ve been used to for a long time, that will be a great deciding factor to buy it. Once again, we warn you that not all of the models reviewed in our list have this feature, so study our guide carefully to avoid an unfortunate mistake.

5.The ability to track a large amount of statistical data. This is one of the main features you should pay attention to when looking for the best exercise bike computer for home use.

The more statistics it can provide you with, the more interesting each of your workouts will be, and you will be able to easily achieve your exercise goal. We advise you to look for exercise bike monitors that can display RPM, current speed, distance traveled, time spent, calories burned, and heart rate.

Power output is also important, but the monitors themselves are unlikely to provide you with this feature. For this, you will have to buy additional accessories, in particular special power pedals.


Why should I buy a spin bike computer?

You need bicycle computers to keep track of the statistics during your workouts. Statistics are very important because they help you improve the quality or intensity of your training, which will lead you to stabilize your own health and help you achieve all your goals much faster than with no bike computer.

These devices quite simply and conveniently tell you all the statistics about your workouts and are able to work with a huge number of apps for your convenience. That’s why the efficiency of your workouts is increased by purchasing any of these devices.

How to install a spin bike computer?

In our list of the best computers for spin bikes according to our editorial, we’ve already talked in part about part of the instructions for doing so. They should help you a bit with the installation process, in particular making it easier.

If you type the same question into a search engine, you’ll probably find a bunch of visuals in the form of pictures or videos. Always follow the instructions, trust only professionals, and use common sense.

We mentioned more than once in the article that most good computers are primarily designed for different kinds of street bikes. That’s why installation can be extremely difficult, and you need to prepare for it ahead of time.

Do you need a computer for your exercise bike to train well?

Is it that necessary? No. Recommended to make your exercise less pointless and more effective? Definitely. These computers are not at all necessary for a regular workout.

They just help you not use a pen and notepad, but keep track of all your stats automatically. It helps you hone your skills by coming up with more and more goals for yourself to achieve results.

What can you recommend as opposed to spin bike computer?

A couple of sensors can be a cheap option for you: a speed sensor and a pedal speed sensor. They are fairly easy to install. One thing you should know, however. If you just put sensors, you will have to put a special application for your mobile device. It’s the one that will display the statistics on your screen.

However, if you are looking for a more expensive replacement for spin bike monitors for home use, we suggest you consider power pedals. This is an expensive, but very useful purchase. Of course, this option will not suit everyone, so we advise calculating your budget beforehand.

What is the best spin bike to buy today?

We tested a huge number of models in different price ranges according to several important criteria. In our opinion, the Stager S3 is the best choice of spin bike this year. It easily adapts to your needs and has excellent ergonomics.

This turns every workout into a comfortable and interesting ride that doesn’t cause you unnecessary problems or inconvenience. What’s more, it has the unique ability to keep track of your ride statistics thanks to a special system of power, revs and speed statistics.


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