Bowflex treadmill – Best Treadmill Under $ 500

The Bowflex treadmill offers an incredible workout on its own but combined with the Bowflex journey app you can get the most from every rug.

Bowflex treadmill

Guided tour of Bowflex treadmill with the Bowflex journey app

Bowflex journey, that is a fitness-focused artificial intelligence that helps you find success by learning from your capabilities, then adjusting with an individualized experience and with either a monthly or yearly subscription. You’ll unlock everything that Bowflex journey has to offer.

Bowflex journey provides the motivation needed to succeed with customized workouts tailored to you. Every run is a company buy-in workout coaching and fitness tips. They keep you on track and help you reach long-term success.

Bowflex treadmill

Bowflex journey helps you stay on track by celebrating milestones, achievements and personal bests providing in-depth analytics and awards helping you track speed and calories burned. And by fueling every workout with Bowflex radio, streaming today’s biggest hits. So you can workout to pop-country hip-hop and more.

Explore the world allowing you to tour the planet from the comfort of home, featuring locations like Death Valley, the Swiss Alps and many more no matter your fitness goals.

A subscription to Bowflex journey ensures that you’re guided every step of the way helping you lose weight, increase endurance and remove plateaus, often associated with self-guided routines.

Nearly every aspect of your experience can be tailored to find the right fit for you looking for a smarter workout, maximize your results.

Here at NordicTrack, we know how to help you get the fitness results you want, which is why we include a one-year iFit membership with your purchase. I’m going to walk you through some of the technology:

  • comfort and engineering that has gone into making the T 8.5 s, one of the best treadmills on the market.
  • the one thing that sets NordicTrack treadmills apart from all others is the I fit content personal coaching virtual classes, destination workouts and programs, expertly crafted by some of the most professional and engaging trainers on the planet.
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Tommy Rivers Pusey, Hannah Eden, Gideon Akan and so many more. Personal training in your home where your trainer live controls your machine to match the speed, imply, decline and duration of each and every trainer prescribed workout.

This experience is the undeniable difference that is only available through iFit technology.

If you want to start with walking programs only- we have them.

If you’re looking for hit strength running, yoga, endurance – the point is we’re going to help you win.

  • The t 8.5 s has the 10 inches Smart HD touchscreen
  • decline
  • incline goes from zero all the way up to 12 percent.
  • the space-saver design with easy lift assist is an amazing feature to keep it folded up and out of the way
  • from the 20 by 60-inch commercial tread belt to the lifetime frame
  • motor warranty

Interactive personal training in your home on your time!

Bowflex treadmill

When it comes to fitness so much of it – is about getting results.

Now I will explain to you, why the commercial seventeen-fifty is one of the very best treadmills on the market.

NordicTrack includes a one-year iFit membership with your purchase.

Fit is personal coaching virtual classes, destination workouts and programs expertly crafted to give you new experiences every day.

While helping you achieve results that – you’ll feel and see from world-class trainers like Tommy Rivers music.

We have workouts from the Red Rocks of Southern Utah to the stunning vistas of Iceland and we can’t wait for you to check it out Personal training in your home where your trainer live controls your machine to match the speed incline, decline, and duration of each and every trainer prescribed workout.

Here’s a taste of some of the incredible workouts to experience

Key features

  • the ten-inch Smart HD touchscreen brings every workout to life
  • flex select cushioning deck
  • with three percent decline all the way to 15 percent incline – you’re gonna fill the ups and downs as I run you through it’s a Hawaii we pioneered the space
  • saver design because we know space in your home is valuable
  • the size of the tread belt is optimized to give a long powerful stride and rest assured and knowing the frame
  • the commercial motor in fact by a lifetime warranty
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Interactive personal training in your home on your time!

The 3G cardio elite runner treadmill combines all the best features from the

health club. A club rated 4.0 horsepower motor and 386 pounds of muscle under your feet. It provides years of amazing running sessions on a 3G Cardio Treadmill in the privacy of your own home.

Your elite runner treadmill motor comes with a lifetime warranty that provides peace of mind to go along with all that power. Get fit faster with an amazing incline motor that provides a tough workout.

Feel the burn as you climb your way to a more healthy you.

With an upgraded commercial ortho flex shock suspension system and an oversized 22 inch by the 62-inch running platform.

The elite platform and belt provide an amazing workout experience.

Advantages of Bowflex treadmill

  • 3G Cardio orthopedic treadmill belts are thicker and more comfortable to exercise on than most other top-rated models from competitors.
  • An orthopedic treadmill belt cushions the impact when the foot strikes to reduce shock giving you a great workout with less wear and tear on your body than with traditional belts.
  • Simple and effective is the 3G cardio motto.

You will have all the necessary built-in programs you need, nothing you don’t with several pre-programmed courses fitness tests.

  • One-touch speed and elevation settings, heart rate control and the ability to custom create your own workouts.
  • You’ll never become bored or overwhelmed when it comes to your programming options.
  • Built-in speakers provide music enjoyment during your workout.
  • A multi-speed band keeps you cool too. You can even connect your tablet or mobile phone and enjoy surround sound speakers while you enjoy the latest TV episode or movie.
Bowflex treadmill 4

Whether you’re a casual Walker or an avid runner – the 3G cardio elite runner treadmill has you covered.

  • The drive motor and frame are guaranteed for the lifetime of the treadmill while parts are covered for ten years and labor is free for two years.

Bring the health club home today – you can have an amazing gym-quality workout in the comfort of your own home with the elite runner treadmill from 3G cardio.


  1. Space-saving design is just one of the smart reasons to own a 3G cardio pro runner treadmill. If you want quality but also need to conserve space, the pro runner treadmill offers users the unique ability to have a high quality running experience and a space-saving treadmill all-in-one.
  2. Built solid from the ground up the 3G cardio pro runner is one of the only fold-up treadmills available that will support serious runners. The pro runners high-end ortho shock treadmill, belt, and suspension.
  3. Offer plenty of room to run with an overall footprint of 74 inches by 35 inches and a running belt which measures 20 and a half inches by 58 inches.
  4. Combined the comfort of our soft belt and suspension with a high torque 3 horsepower motor, large two-inch rollers and you’ve got a treadmill that will keep up with all your workouts.
  5. The high powered 3 horsepower motor and tough lifetime warranty frame allows users who weigh up to 350 pounds to comfortably use the pro runner treadmill.
  6. With a built-in heart rate interactive pulse monitor and an optional wireless HR chest belt, your pro runner is ready to check your pulse as you keep the pace.
  7. With 8 pre-programmed exercises, there’s something for everyone to get in shape. Whether it’s walking or running a steady pace or intervals, flat or hills the 3G cardio workouts will get you where you want to go.
  8. The Gherkin cooper and BMI industry-standard fitness tests evaluate your fitness level and performance to help you achieve your goals.
  9. With OneTouch speed and incline settings and the ability to customize your own workout, the pro runner treadmill provides quick change response times to keep up with you.
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