Universal E40 Elliptical Trainer – Ultimate Review For You

The universal elliptical trainer E40 is one of the best representatives of its class on the market. The E40 is not an elite elliptical model and is not included in the average price section. It is a budget version of an elliptical car that pleases with its quality and price.

We can easily recommend this simulator for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on buying an elliptical. In its price range, the E40 is considered the second after the Proform described earlier.

You can arrange a full-body workout for yourself by taking advantage of what this simple, compact simulator offers. The elliptical model E40 has the ability to work smoothly and without unnecessary noise, carries 8 levels of magnetic resistance and seven pre-set programs.

The stride length on this simulator is 17.5 inches, which provides an excellent opportunity for ideal training for users with average height.

Elliptical trainer E40 is a fairly compact thing with special wheels that allow you to move it to any place in your apartment or house. This is a very useful feature for people with small living space.

It is quite simple to assemble this model and it will not take you much time. We were able to manage it in an hour and a half, as the instructions are very clear and easy, written in an accessible language. T

he machine comes with a small set of wrenches, but practice shows that you will also have to use your own tools. The E40 is powered by four D-type batteries and an AC adapter, which are not originally included in the package.

The battery is quite useful and necessary thing, as it makes the device independent of the outlets in the house and allows you to place the elliptical wherever you want.

Let’s talk a little about the noise level: in general, the universal E40 is quite quiet, but not completely silent. This is unlikely to bother you during your workout.

If you prefer to watch your favorite program on TV during exercise, then the TV will probably have to be turned up a little louder than usual. If you suddenly hear a nasty creak during class, clean this place with alcohol and use a lubricant.

The elliptical E40 does not contain a cooling fan, but it boasts two built-in speakers and an AUX port located under the console. Based on this, you will be able to connect your player or phone to enjoy your favorite tracks during training without using headphones.

Although we recommend that you not be too happy about this fact, since the sound quality from these speakers is not particularly high quality.

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universal e40 elliptical

You should go for Universal E40 if:

  • You are just starting your way in training. The universal elliptical model E40 is designed for those who are at the initial level of training. It gives you the opportunity to conduct excellent cardio training and will be a great helper in burning excess weight or getting yourself in shape. However, you should know one thing: it is not suitable for wear training, because it does not have the proper stability and can not boast of great strength.
  • Your budget spent on the simulator can not exceed five hundred dollars. For a wide range of elliptics in the range of up to five hundred dollars, this is one of the best choices you can afford to make. If you want two in one, we recommend that you pay attention to the ProForm we reviewed earlier. However, it takes up much more space and is difficult to move indoors.
  • You have problems with the availability of free space for exercise equipment, since you live in a small apartment. The E40 can be installed and used even where at first glance there is absolutely little space to place a training machine. The simulator is equipped with convenient wheels that allow you to quickly transport the device to any place convenient for you and practice wherever you want.
  • If your height is between five and six inches. The universal elliptic E40 has a fixed pitch function, which is 17 and a half inches. This makes classes more optimal for people below six feet. Taller novice athletes can use this simulator, but you should keep in mind that the step will be very short for you, so you will not be able to stretch your legs or arms normally. If you want to have a feature like step adjustment, you should pay close attention to the E35 model.
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You should NOT go for Universal E40 if:

  • You are an advanced or intermediate level athlete. We strongly recommend that you do not buy the E40 if you have been training for a long time and have reached a high level, because complex training on it is impossible due to the design of the device.
  • You want to enjoy a full-fledged elliptical machine with all its advantages. The E40 lacks many useful features, such as an inclined ramp for training floor climbs or a step control for intense running training. The resistance in it also leaves much to be desired, so you will not be able to challenge yourself seriously. If you want to increase the benefits and intensity of training, and not just burn calories and slightly maintain your body in good shape, we recommend that you look at other options.
  • If the simulator is going to be used by several different people. The fact is that this compact elliptical is not very strong, so it can be used productively throughout the week. If you use the simulator often, then you should look at other models.
  • You want to be in a virtual environment to complete your training. Unfortunately, this budget elliptical doesn’t allow you to connect to it to access the Internet. You will also not be able to create your own user profile, which means you will have to record all your achievements in a separate place, because you will not be able to store them on your device or on the Internet.

What is special about Universal E40 Elliptical

universal e40 elliptical
  • First, the brand, most of the cheap elliptics on the modern market are designed by dubious brands, which, for all that, have not yet passed the test tests. That is why it is always nice to buy a car from a manufacturer that has earned a good reputation in the field of simulators and produces only high-quality products. The E40 is produced by a branch of Nautilus. We believe that if you have started to delve into the topic of sports equipment, you have heard this name more than once, or are already familiar with their products.
  • Secondly, the elliptical E40 is very compact and easy to store in a limited space, it is also ideal for installation in office premises. For many, this is an important feature.
  • Third, only proven materials such as steel, branded aluminum and high-quality plastic are used for the production of this model of exercise equipment, which will allow you to use it for a long time without regular maintenance. Not every budget elliptic can boast of this feature. In addition to the above, the simulator has a decent stability and will not strain you with strange wobbles during use during training.
  • Fourth, you can use an additional power adapter, since the simulator has the ability to work both from the network and from the built-in battery. However, to power it from an outlet, you will need to buy a special power adapter separately. Without it, the simulator runs on four batteries, which will last a normal time and help you pay less electricity bills.
  • And finally, happy users. This simulator has a fairly high rating among Amazon users among budget models. There are almost no negative reviews, but other budget options sometimes have too many of them.


The universal e40 elliptical is equipped with eight levels of magnetic resistance. Of course, you can say that eight levels is very little to do more intensively and burn extra calories productively, however, some users, judging by the reviews, face difficulties even in this case.

The magnetic resistance is extremely quiet and does not require much maintenance. A nice point: you will not switch the resistance levels on the car itself, but with the help of a convenient remote control. The level is also displayed on the simulator console screen, which is also very convenient.

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Stride and Incline

The universal e40 elliptical stride length is seventeen and a half inches, which is basically ideal for training users between five and six feet tall. If you are taller, you can still use this elliptic, but your step will be noticeably shorter.

Since this model is still a budget model, you will not be able to adjust the step length on it. However, just look at the price, you can hardly demand such features for it. You may also be upset by the lack of an inclined ramp, so you will not be able to add complexity to your training.


The universal e40 elliptical is equipped with a fairly simple liquid crystal screen, which is powered by batteries located in it. Therefore, you do not have to look around the house for a convenient place with an outlet nearby to turn on the car power.

All the information you need for training is conveniently located right on this screen. But even here there is a drawback, there is no backlight function, which means that it will be problematic for you to see all the indicators in complete darkness.

In the lower-left corner, you can always track the battery status of the console, which is very convenient.

We will provide you with a list of what you can see on the display during training. It is worth noting that the numbers are large and easy to read by anyone.

  • The frequency of heart beats
  • Training time
  • Number of revolutions per minute
  • Training speed
  • Covered distance
  • The selected level of resistance

Unfortunately, this model is not compatible with the wireless chest strap. Your heart rate begins to be measured when you put your hand on the heart rate sensors that are located on the handlebars of the simulator.

Preset program

The console already has seven ready-made training programs that will be excellent helpers in your weight loss and help you conduct more productive cardio training. Rolling Hills, Ride in the Park, Pike Peak, Pyramids, Uphill Finish, Cross-Trainer and Quick Start are pre-installed programs that you can choose from.

Cooling fan and built-in speakers

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cool yourself during a workout, but there are built-in speakers under the console. You can easily connect any mobile device and enjoy your favorite music while you train. Unfortunately, the console itself, the volume cannot be adjusted this can only be done on your mobile device.

Connect via Bluetooth and create a user profile

The universal E40 simulator will not allow you to create a user profile on the console to save your training results. You will also not be able to sync this data with popular apps, as the console simply does not have a Bluetooth connection function.

Handlebars and pedals

The elliptical model E40 is equipped with both static and moving grips so that you can train both the upper and lower parts of your body. Moving handlebars have two different grip positions.

However, the moving handlebars do not have built-in heart rate monitors and they will not be able to change the resistance level. By the way, we can’t recommend a budget elliptical with steering controls, because they simply don’t exist.

Therefore, in this price range, the absence of such functions is quite logical. Static handlebars are equipped with heart rate monitors, but will allow you to train only the lower part of the body. The pedals on this elliptical machine are quite large, have stable stability and do not slip during operation.

More information on Universal E40 Elliptical Trainer

Flywheel and drive

The E40 elliptical includes flywheels weighted around the perimeter that weigh thirteen pounds each. This is even more than you would expect from the price of such a simulator. The weight perfectly supports all levels of magnetic resistance plus it gives smoothness to all your movements while you train.

The simulator is also equipped with a belt drive, which reduces noise during operation of the elliptical machine and requires less maintenance than its counterparts in this price range.

What’s included

  • A special holder to accommodate bottles of water
  • Media stand
  • Transport wheel
  • Transport handle
  • The following warranty indicators:
  • Three years’ general warranty
  • Guarantee to replace parts for a period of one year
  • Items of clothing designed for two months
  • The maximum user weight to exercise on this device must not exceed 275 pounds.
  • Things you can purchasing with Universal E40 elliptical:
  • Four batteries to power the console
  • A jar of alcohol to wipe the rails and wheels
  • A lubricant that helps you reduce friction between parts that are constantly in motion and saves you from annoying creaking
  • A Mat so that you can’t scratch the floor and leave no traces of your sweat on it
  • An AC adapter so that you can connect the device to an outlet in your home.
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universal elliptical trainer E40

We think that the universal elliptical trainer E40 is currently one of the most popular and cool simulators in the price range up to five hundred dollars. However, you will encounter a lack of important training functions, although this is also quite appropriate for the price.

Those features that are not available and you will not find in budget simulators. They are only available in more expensive versions. Therefore, if you can’t spend more than a thousand dollars on sports equipment, you won’t be able to find these features in budget versions of simulators.

Moreover, the manufacturer has done everything possible to make you feel great on this simulator. You can take on seven set programs and switch eight resistance levels, which is important for productive training. You can also connect to an outlet using an adapter or simply save electricity by using only the batteries.

This will give you the opportunity to place your devices wherever you want, and not to adapt to the placement of sockets in the house. It is quiet and easy to move, which is why it is often taken to small apartments and offices.

However, there is a sad point: you will not be able to store your progress on the device itself or on the Internet. This means that you don’t need to wait for a wireless chest strap connected directly to the console.

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  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance, which is quite a lot for a simulator in this price range
  • Excellent warranty period
  • The brand is very popular and has a lot of positive reviews from happy users
  • The price is affordable, especially for those who do not want to spend a lot of money to buy a simulator, but still would like to do it
  • The foot pedals are comfortable and large, so your feet can comfortably sit on them, while they do not slip
  • The frame has a decent strength, and the parts are made of high-quality materials
  • There are even weak, but still built-in speakers and a stand for your mobile devices
  • You can connect your player and listen to your favorite tracks during training
  • Transport wheels and a handle for easy movement of the simulator around the house, plus there are levelers if your house floors are uneven
  • The simulator is quite compact, so it is convenient to store it even in a small room.


  • The step is fixed; you will not be able to adjust it
  • There is no backlight on the display, which makes it difficult to perceive information in the dark
  • If you put your mobile device in the tray, it will be difficult to read information from the console
  • The simulator is not suitable for you if you weigh more than 275 pounds
  • You won’t be able to transfer data or connect devices directly to the console, and you won’t find a charger
  • You won’t be able to keep statistics online because the console doesn’t have this useful feature
  • Although there are speakers, they give out low-quality sound, which hurts the ears of those who are used to listening to their favorite tracks in excellent quality
  • There is no cooling fan, which means that you should not expect a pleasant coolness during your workout
  • The AC adapter is not included with the rest of the equipment, so you will need to buy it separately
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