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Precor AMT 835 Ultimate Review – Best Open Stride Machine For You

If you need a complete set that includes many features for elliptical, then you should pay attention, showered with awards and positive reviews Precor AMT 835.

If you are really thinking about buying three different exercise machines: elliptical, Steppers and a treadmill, then this is a great chance for you to save available space in the house and save money significantly.

Because after buying this autonomous elliptical simulator, you will have three cars at once for the price of one. This is a high-quality simulator with excellent standards, which is chosen by both owners of cool gyms and professional athletes.

The point here is that this simulator not only tries to simulate the operation of three different types of machines at once, but also gives you the opportunity to return less than three simulators purchased separately.

For example, a treadmill has a fairly high return, but the AMT 835 reduces it. At the same time, you burn almost thirty percent more calories compared to the usual elliptical. The elliptical machine is designed for Jogging, unhurried walking, fast running, mountain climbing and Cycling training.

They just took and combined three different pieces of equipment into a single unit. You can decide what kind of workout you should do today by simply switching the length and depth of your step.

Precor AMT 835 was studied by the biomechanics laboratory in Washington, where they confirmed that this elliptical is suitable for any user, regardless of the level of training. This has become one of the main reasons why these simulators are widely in demand around the globe.

They are often ordered by professional gyms, because these machines help you quickly burn extra calories and allow you to conveniently control the process of your workout. You can beat your own records, thanks to the presence of Precor AMT 835 twenty levels of magnetic resistance.

You can adjust the stride length from zero to thirty-six inches, easily adjusting it to your own height. This allows your feet to take a comfortable position for them and simulate a full-fledged run on the street.

But the main feature of Precor AMT 835 is the ability to control the depth of the steps, which gives you an excellent opportunity to effectively engage in training on climbing stairs. However, despite its uniqueness and effectiveness, this simulator may not be suitable for you personally.

Why? Read carefully our article, in which we have analyzed all the pros and cons of buying Precor AMT 835. After reading Precor AMT review, you are guaranteed to be able to make the final choice.

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Precor AMT Open Stride Overview

You should buy for Precor elliptical AMT if?

You should NOT Buy Precor AMT elliptical if?

What’s unusual about Precor AMT 835 elliptical

Precor AMT 835 Review


Open stride machine carries twenty quiet levels of magnetic resistance, which can provide athletes of any level of training an excellent opportunity to go beyond their limits. This range is ideal for any athlete to set their own new records.

The resistance is made so high-quality that its device is significantly superior to other elliptical simulators of this class. The resistance can be easily changed using the convenient motion control located at the bottom of the console.

Resistance is applied both during the up and down movement, and during the forward and backward movement. The simulator has an automatic resistance adjustment function that adjusts it to your heart rate right during your workout.

Stride and Incline

This is one of the main features of this open stride elliptical. Specially developed technology is able to independently adjust the stride length based on your movements. You can easily switch from walking to running without trying to reach the right button every time.

The stride length is independently set by adjusting the pedals and can vary from zero to thirty-six inches. This is a pretty good feature. Therefore, this simulator is worth this amount.

However, this does not mean that you are not given the opportunity to adjust the stride length yourself. If you feel that the automatically suggested step length is not sufficient for you, you can adjust it yourself.

This precor amt machine belongs to the open stride simulators, which gives you the ability to adjust not only the length, but also the height of the stride. This will allow you to train not only the lower muscles, but also the upper ones.

Standard elliptical machines do not carry this function in themselves, so you will not be able to adjust the height on them. You can only adjust the length.

To help you understand the progress of your training, the display in the right corner of the console works in real time, showing on the screen those muscle groups that are currently involved in training.

For example, you decided to do a step-by-step workout. The display at this point turns green, and you can see in the picture what muscles are currently working. There are three different colors and display activity zones, respectively.

Green shows you that you are walking, yellow lights up when you switch to a smooth jog, and red you will see when you start running intensively. This simulator does not have a tilt function. Of course, you can rightly be outraged that at such a high price it could have been, but it is missing.


As for the console, this Precor 835 amt comes with the standard P30 and is not compatible with other consoles. You have only one available option at your disposal, and, frankly, it is made quite simply.

You will not be able to connect speakers to the display to listen to music, you will not be cooled by a fan during training, there is no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The console will not allow you to create your own profile, which means you will not be able to save your previous training sessions in memory.

The display shows calories burned, steps per minute, distance traveled, heart rate, training time, both elapsed and remaining, magnetic resistance level, and step depth level. There are twenty-one indicators and electric keys.

P30 console offers 6 preset-programs


Which gives you the ability to fully control and control the tilt height and drag. If you have come up with your own special workout, then this option will be your choice.


This program is designed for those people who want to pump their cardiovascular system. This program is able to guide you through the difficult and easy short sections of your training sessions within the time you set. At each interval, you will be able to control the intensity of training and the duration of rest.

Heart Rate

This program will be useful for people who want to keep a certain range of heart rate during training. Let’s say your doctor has warned you that your heart rate should not exceed a certain mark, you tell the console and it remains in this range.

With the help of this program, the console will be able to change resistance depending on the rhythm of your heart. If you accidentally exceed the limit, it will warn you about it.  However, there is one thing: while working in this program, you must hold on to the steering wheel or put on a wireless chest strap.

Fat Burner

This program offers you a twenty-eight-minute workout that includes seven four-minute intervals. During the interval, you can control the resistance level, changing it as you wish.


This program works exactly as its name sounds. If you decide to add variety to your training, it will randomly change the step height and resistance during the selected training time.

Performance/Fitness Test

The program focuses on your heart rate to provide you with all the necessary feedback about the level you are currently at. If you are working on performance, the machine will guide you through a series of certain types of intervals and then provide you with an assessment of all actions during the workout.

How your heart will respond to different types of exercise will give the simulator information about your level of physical fitness.

To properly monitor your progress, you need to use this program at least once a month. It will give you great motivation and clearly show how far you have progressed in your regular training. In this mode, the settings cannot be adjusted independently, since this feature is simply disabled.

You should also know that the console is equipped with a muscle system monitor, which gives you information about the length of the step and shows which muscles you are currently using. It updates right during your workout and gives you an idea of your activity.

In addition, under the console itself there are: pitch and resistance controls, a power button, a charging port, and a multimedia stand, but only for small devices. Large tablets block your access to the display and prevent you from monitoring your progress during your workout.

Handlebars and Pedals

Precor AMT 835 provides you with three sets of handles. Fixed handles that are located on the side of the simulator, as well as two versions of the handlebars: movable and fixed. You can conduct classes by training the lower part of the body, or you can train both parts in a complex way.

Fixed handlebars have sensors that track your heart rate, but they are not present on the mobile handlebars. We would not call this a problem, since in this case you can apply a chest strap. This model is compatible with them.

There are no controls on the steering wheel, which is a disadvantage of this simulator. If there were, we could change the level of resistance without taking our hands off the handle.

We didn’t expect this from a simulator in such a high price range. In addition, the simulator is equipped with comfortable and soft pedals, which, due to their design, will suit any category of users.

More information on AMT 835 elliptical machine

Customer Service★★★★★Power Source:Self-Powered
Average Rating★★★★½Compact:No
Machine Weight:412 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:80L X 35W X 73HSpeakerNo
Max user weight:350 LbsCooling FanNo
Resistance:20-Level MagneticBidirectional:Yes
Stride height:6.5"-10"Bottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:0-38 InchesMedia Shelf:Yes
Programs:6Price:Check price

Flywheel and drive mechanism

You won’t learn much about the drive system, but with a quick inspection of the support, you can conclude that the drive and all its parts will last long enough. The movement is smooth and does not create excessive noise that can interfere with training.

There is a dual direction option available, so the pedals can be rotated both forward and backward. This is very convenient, helps to create variety and allows you to effectively pump the leg muscles.

There is a built-in battery that is charged when you perform exercises. It is designed to last five years, and it will cost you fifteen dollars to replace it.

What’s included:

Like any other company, this one provides you with a guarantee depending on the type of use of the machine.

We have specified a warranty for home use, if you plan to use the simulator for commercial purposes, the terms will be different. The length of the warranty shows us how confident the company is in its devices and their durability.

Accessories to Consider with Precor AMT 835 Open Stride

Conclusion of Precor AMT 835 with Open Stride

We love this model because it easily adapts to your needs and saves you from having to buy three different simulators. However, we believe that taking into account some points, the price of it is a little too high. For $ 8,000 or more, you could add a few features that are available even in cheaper cars.

For example, add the ability to register a profile on the console. For many, it’s important to keep track of your progress, rather than having a notepad to write in. There are only six pre-installed programs and there is no way to link devices to the simulator.

In General, if you add up the purchase of three simulators, you can easily meet ten thousand dollars. If you don’t care about the budget and the lack of some features is not an obstacle for you, we think that the Precor AMT 835 will suit you perfectly.




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