A Review On ProForm 250i Elliptical Trainer

ProForm 250i Elliptical

Those who are interested in sports and fitness should be familiar with the name of the ProForm company. This company is a leader in the production of fitness equipment.

Their training machines are bought all over the world because of the quality and affordable price. In this review, we’ll take a look at an example of a great budget elliptical trainer – ProForm 250i Elliptical.

It will not be wrong, if we put this training machine in a place of honor among the best in its class of low-cost models. Despite the fact that this is not the most functional model of elliptical trainer that the ProForm company can provide, this particular training machine has acceptable characteristics for its purposes.

Thus, the manufacturer has equipped the elliptical trainer with 14 magnetic resistance and 14 preset programs, iFit compatibility and also 17-inch stride. This is enough to satisfy the needs of a novice user.

Besides, this trainer has only 133-lb weight and a front drive system, which makes it pretty compact and light. You can easily transport it around the house with its special wheels, so it won’t bother you when you do not use it.

Let’s say right away that if you are a professional and are looking for the right training equipment, then this model is not for you. Moreover, you are unlikely to find yourself something in this price category.

This training machine has its own purpose and the range of users to whom it suits. If you are interested in this elliptical trainer, then read this article to the end to see if it is worth your money and attention.

How To Make The Right Choice?

Talking about choosing a training machine, it is important to define your own needs. Each trainer has its own set of parameters that are important to consider when purchasing. And ProForm 250i Elliptical is no exception.

When you understand whether a particular simulator is right for you or not, it is easy for you to choose. The following considerations are there to help you make up your mind.

You will like this trainer if:

  1. You are a beginner. If you have just started to get acquainted with the world of fitness, then this trainer is a good solution for you. ProForm 250i is perfectly suitable for light loads, as an example, for one-hour training three times a week.
  2. You don’t have high expectations. When choosing a low-price training machine is crucial to adequately assess the possibilities it may provide you with. If your budget and space are limited, and you do not wait for your training machine to be perfect in every sense, then you will like ProForm 250i.
  3. You don’t want to push to your limits. Your approach to sports and training should be moderate so that you can fully appreciate this machine. If you want to add light low-impact workouts to your life, then this model can meet all your needs.
  4. You are of average height and weight. Like most models in the budget class, this elliptical trainer has a home weight and height limitation. You should be not taller than 6.3 feet and your weight should be up to 200-lbs, if you want to use this trainer with comfort.

You will NOT like this trainer if:

  1. Your level is advanced. ProForm 250i Elliptical Trainer is not suitable for serious cross-trainers. Unfortunately, the training machine is not strong enough to withstand the heavy loads required by professionals. It also can not provide necessary resistance. If you need a higher power trainer, then you should look at other models in a higher price category.
  2. Your height/weight is above average. This training machine is designed for the specific height and weight of the user. If you do not fit the parameters of 6.3’’ and 200 lbs, then do not rush to buy the ProForm 250i. Incorrectly selected parameters will negatively affect the quality of your workouts and the durability of the simulator itself.
  3. You can afford a more expensive model. This model of the elliptical trainer was created specifically for a narrow target audience, which prioritizes price and compactness, rather than power. If you are an experienced user and want to purchase a model with a perspective for more advanced training, then it is better for you to save some money and get a more expensive model.
  4. You are not the only one to use this trainer. ProForm 250i is not designed for heavy loads, so it can only handle one user per day. If there are several people in your family who want to use the simulator on the same day, then this model is unlikely to suit you.

Special Features Of ProForm 250i


Modern training machines are becoming much more advanced even in the most budgetary options, which is definitely good news. The ability to connect your mobile devices to the elliptical is probably one of the most interesting features of this trainer.

This allows you to use the iFit App, track your progress and share it with your friends. You also get access to an infinite number of training programs, as well as virtual workouts in various places of our planet via Google Maps.

Provided with workout programs

A good training machine is one that is not just a certain kind of equipment, but is a whole complex for effective body workout. ProForm 250i has 14 training programs developed by professionals. By following these specially selected workouts, you can save your money on a personal trainer as you will not need one.


This is a great detail that will definitely appeal to music lovers and those who like to exercise to the rhythm of the music. You can easily connect your phone or MP3-player to the elliptical trainer and enjoy your favorite music during your workout.

Review Features In Details

Build quality

Like most exercise machines, this trainer is made of metal structure with plastic parts. This is a stationary model that does not have a folding function. Nevertheless, its interesting feature is the position of the flywheel and drive mechanism in front of the machine, which makes it more compact and also saves your space.

Speaking of the design drawbacks, you can expect a little wobbling if the machine is heavily overloaded. But this is expected for a budget model.

Also the simulator is designed so that you can work out your upper body muscles as equally well as your lower body.


Buying a home exercise machine in most cases means that sooner or later you will have to solve the problem of assembling it. The kit for this trainer includes assembly instructions, so you can try to assemble it yourself.

If you doubt your abilities or are afraid to make a mistake, then you’ll better ask for help from someone who has had experience in assembling such machines.


This model is equipped with 14 resistance levels. This is great for a low budget model. This level of resistance is enough for effective training for a beginner. You can also easily control the resistance level during your workout using the accessible console.

Stride and Incline

The ProForm 250i elliptical is equipped with 17’’ non-adjustable strides. This is enough for users of average height (from 5 to 6.3 feet mostly). Most of the people can have an effective workout with this trainer.

Even taller people can use this trainer and have great results on their lower body muscles. However, they will have to get used to the fact that strides cannot be stretched. So before buying this machine, make sure it fits your foot length.


The control console is an important part of the trainer’s functionality. Here you can not only set the necessary parameters for your workout, but also track the indicators you need.

In this model of the elliptical trainer the indicators provide you with information about distance and speed, the level of resistance, watts, your total strides, an average heart rate and burnt calories. They are shown one by one in a circle.

If you want to see all indicators at the same time, then use the iFit App. In this case, all the information you need will be displayed directly on your smartphone.

  1. User profile: there is no such function in the training machine, but it is fully represented in the iFit app, which can be installed on your mobile device;
  2. Preset programs: there are 14 training programs and performance modes for you to use while your workouts.
  3. Heart rate: there are pulse sensors built in the trainer’s handlebars and a possibility to connect your heart rate chest strap to the elliptical.
  4. Speakers: now you can listen to music directly from the trainer: all you need is to connect your device to the elliptical and enjoy your music from the built-in speakers.

Pedals and Handlebars

The ProForm company cares about the comfort and convenience of their exercise equipment. That is why most models of elliptical trainers are equipped with large pedals. Maximum comfort would be expected if the pedals were cushioned. But, unfortunately, this model is a budget one, so this detail is missing here.

As for the handlebars, they have both cushions and several handle options. Since the model is quite simple, don’t expect these handlebars to have additional switches. Nevertheless, the handlebars are of high quality and do their job well.

Drive mechanism and Flywheel

This elliptical trainer has an inertia-enhanced flywheel with 11 Lbs. It is one of the lightest flywheels, which still can provide you with enough stability and smoothness for your training. Its motion is also quite good due to the Eddy Current resistance system, which the trainer is equipped with.

As mentioned earlier, the drive mechanism in this model is located at the front. That is why ProForm 250i elliptical is compact, easy to move, and store.

Cooler fan

This is a small part of the trainer that makes you feel comfortable during your workout. The air flow from the cooler will leave you feeling fresh and energized.

Other Details

Customer Service:★★★☆☆Power Source:Battery&Adapter
Average Rating:★★☆☆☆Compact:Yes
Machine Weight:133 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:60″L X 25″W X 69″HSpeakers:Yes
Max user weight:250 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance:14-Level MagneticBidirectional:Yes
Incline Ramp:NoBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:17″ Media Shelf:Yes
Programs:14Price:Check Price


In addition to the main characteristics of this model, we will also consider additional qualities and accessories that may be useful to you:

  1. Media shelf: allows you to keep your devices nearby and use them during your workout;
  2. Bottle holder: it is very convenient for you to always have access to water during your workout;
  3. Power-adapter: each set includes a power adapter, so you don’t need to purchase one;

The following accessories are not included, however, they can be purchased additionally upon request:

  1. D-batteries: this model requires 4 D-batteries, which are easy to buy together with the trainer itself;
  2. Lubrication: a very useful thing that will help you to extend the life of your exercise machine;
  3. Special mat: it will protect your floor from damage that can occur while exercising.


Warranty is an important part of the deal. Good exercise equipment should have a warranty that covers the cost of possible sudden breakdowns. The ProForm 250i elliptical trainer is covered by a 5-year warranty on its frame and 90-days guaranteed service on its parts and labor.

This is enough to guarantee you the quality of this simulator. However, if this warranty period seems too short for you and you want a longer warranty service, then you should consider purchasing a machine with a longer warranty.

Pros and Cons

We have completed a detailed analysis of the ProForm 250i elliptical features. Before you move on to making decisions, you should take a look at a short and structured list of the strengths and weaknesses of this model. This will help you make a more informed choice.


  1. 14 magnetic levels of resistance
  2. 14 workout programs
  3. iFit compatible
  4. Bluetooth-connective
  5. Simple assembly
  6. Media trays, suitable for the tablet, phone, and MP3
  7. Good for beginners
  8. Affordable price
  9. 5-year frame warranty
  10. Adjustable foot levelers


  1. Wobbling issues
  2. No incline ramp
  3. Small LCD display
  4. No self-profile for tracking progress
  5. Not a self-powered model
  6. Requires iFit Subscription
  7. Requires 4-D batteries, which are not included

Final Thoughts On ProForm 250i elliptical

The ProForm 250i is created for those, who are a novice in fitness, have a tight budget and a lack of space.  The model has a simple design, but at the same time, it has all the necessary qualities to fulfill its purpose well.

It offers a fairly wide functionality and a set of programs, so you have plenty to choose from. The workmanship of this simulator corresponds to its price category.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the absence of adjustable stride and incline ramp as well as possible wobbling during intense exercise.

Nevertheless, the ProForm company managed to create a convenient and budget-friendly product, which deserves the attention of its target audience.

If you want to have a slim and toned body, as well as to lead a sports lifestyle at home conditions, this training machine will meet your needs and make you happy with your choice.

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